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We were the first Sonos dealer in I reland, so we know how to make it work and how to sort it, buy Sonos wireless music systems from Lyric with confidence.

All Sonos prices in our Catalogue and the full range on demonstration in-store call in for a lesson or a listen

Sonos's new baby is a portable speaker with latest generation wifi, bluetooth, Alexa, Google assistant, everything. The battery has a 10 hour life so perfect for garden parties too! Available very soon at £ 399, this picture shows a comparison with the Sonos One, Move is a big baby!

sonos move sonos one comparison

 After 6 years the Sonos Connect:Amp has been replaced by the imaginatively named Sonos AMP. With more inputs, more power and new sleek lines Sonos have not been standing still. We now have stocks, £ 599, call in to check it out. It also has a new partner the PORT, a connect replacement at £ 399 

Sonos has announced the new Playbase and the smaller Beam.

Now while you will think that Playbase is a Playbar in a larger case, I did, so that you can set your tv on it there is actually more to it than that

The bass system is completely redesigned and it does sound better in the larger case.

Horses for courses though, which one is right for your layout.

Call in for a look and listen, it's running in the shop now

Available in black or white, £ 699, same price as the Playbar

sonos playbase


The Beam is a mini Playbar at a more affordable £ 399. Same great features and ease of use in a tiny size

Doesnt sound as good as the big brothers but still a neat solution!

New Sonos products don't come around to often so here is excellent news.

The original Sonos Play series product, Play5, has been a top seller with us for 7 years and now there is an all new version imaginatively called Play 5

Slightly larger, with more drive units, more clarity, more dynamics, and more volume the Play5 raises the bar higher.

New Play5 can be placed horizontally or vertically and the sound dispersion is automatically adjusted

For £ 499 the improvement is significant.  Available in black or white


sonos p5 new


Starting a Sonos system or adding another room to any Sonos system is so affordable.

Sonos PLAY1, 1 simple box, all wireless, now with Alexa, £ 199, place it in any room in the house and off you go.


Looks huge in this photo, it's only 6" tall!


So if Sonos had one achilles heel it has been that you can't play tv sound through it without a time delay. But no more!

The solution is the Sonos Playbar. This will play your music from iTunes, Napster, Spotify, NAS drive, internet radio, AND your tv, AND it sounds very very good! I have a love/hate relationship with some soundbars, but here is one to be strongly recommended, even if you don't already have a Sonos system!


More Details from SONOS themselves:

PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room with HIGH FIDELITY audio for games and movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.

Designed to keep the focus on the TV, PLAYBAR’s modern one-piece design will play music from

iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Radio, NAS drive, AND YOUR TV! Priced at £ 699 it's worth it, so call in for a listen and place your order

If you already own a SonoS system this is the easiest product to install/set-up, it is simply another room on your Sonos controller or ipod/ipad/Smartphone

To really complete the movie-sound experience add the Sonos Subwoofer and now 2 Play1s for rears. Another £ 699 for the SUB, then £ 199 for each Play1, another bargain from the clever engineers at Sonos.

PLAYBAR can be set in front of the TV, on a TV stand, or mounted above or below the TV.



With Sonos you can stream all Spotify/Napster/Deezer music, plus radio, plus your own music collection, to every room in the house with different streams to any room simultaneously

Here is the fast guide to Sonos levels, to let you see what is appropriate for each room

This is all you need to get started, 6 performance level choices, and now colour choices as well


Level1 Sonos One £ 199, connect to your existing wifi.

If you're wifi isn't good add a Sonos Boost for £ 79

Level2 Sonos Play5 £ 499 Simple set down, no install, and surprise surprise sounds much better

Level3 Sonos Amp/Speakers £ 790-1400 A little more work, if you want us to do it for you add £ 80

Speakers from Q Acoustics at £189-349, Kefs £ 399 to £ 999

connectamp kitchen

Level 4 Add a Connect box to your existing hifi system, wirelessly, £ 349

connect living


Level5 Change to a Linn DS £ 1380 to £ 1950 to as good as you can dream of!