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The ground breaking Meta technology is now in the KEF Blade, Blade2 and the Reference series. This is no small tweak, rather a complete look at what can be done in total so although the cabinets are the same size everything is improved and you can tell when you listen, it’s obvious. Call or email to arrange an appointment to have a listen 

Kef Prices have increased so previous news items below will have old prices, as an example the award winning LS50 Meta on the next line are now £ 1099, still the best sound at their price !



Anyone paying attention at all will know that the LS50 that came out about 6 years ago has been a worldwide success for it's amazing sound from ground-breaking technology. Even more impressive is that the Kef boffins have done it again! LS50 Meta is even better!


kef ls50 b


Kef have recently celebrated 50 years of manufacturing fine loudspeakers. From the early innovations of founder/designer Raymond Cooke the design firsts just keep on coming. Pure research at the highest level gives the expertise to improve the entire range. No other speaker is investing so much in pure performance firsts.

The latest high end revolutions of Muon and Blade develop technology that are clearly visible in the latest series of T, Q, R, and Reference.

Our favourites are the LS50, brilliant little package with nothing to come close for £999

The R series gives a bigger sound and deeper bass, R3 bookshelf models have also had top reviews everywhere at £ 1299. The R5 and R7 floorstanders are absolute bargains.

Nothing comes close in floorstanding speakers at £ 1999-2600

kef blade        kef muon


What are all the letters for?

T series for super-slim surround with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. Also primarily for tv/movies but with enhanced music capability. These are the face of hii gh technology making conventional speakers super-slim and yet actually imporoving the perfromance at the same time. Highly recommended Prices from £ 1200 to £ 1700 for complete 5.1 packages

Q series is a more conventional box loudspeaker design made for faithful full range sound. Also excels in surround with added matching centre, rears, and subwoofer. There is even a special deal when buying as a package. The Q range includes the multi-award winning Q350. Priced in pairs before extra speakers from £ 400 to £ 1350/pair

R ser ies is the getting serious speaker range, but with incredible value for money as the exact technology developed for the mighty Blade at £ 20k trickles down to speakers at £ 1299 to £ 3999

Reference Series, famous for sound quality without compromise, these speakers can run stereo and cinema systems of the highest performance with pairs from £ 6499 to £ 15000 and centre speakers/subwoofers to match.

Blade is the stunning Kef award winning design concept become reality. Click on the link below, check out the elegant shape showing form following function and click on a few colours to show what £24,000 can look like

Blade also has a baby brother, Blade2, £ 18,000 per pair. I have these on demonstration because they are brilliant!


Muon is the expression of performance without design limits, wonder at the shape, the ground-breaking performance, and the mouth watering price. This is a limited edition project with only 100 pairs available. We just sold a pair and now there are only 3 left, hurry hurry!

Email me for the price. It's into 6 figures!



Here are the models:

T series, the beautiful new baby

Cynical hifi professionals (such as me) had to experience these to believe them. A new magnet development has given these super slim surround speakers a brilliant sound from a case slimmer than the slimmest flatscreen.

Full 5.1 systems range from £ 1200 to £ 1700, our favourite is the middle one, T205, a bargain for £ 1500


T205 System Link


KEF t205


T105 5.1 £ 1200, T205 £ 1500, T305 £1700

The biggest sellers in the range, these give fantastic sound and outstanding value. When you want your loudspeakers to look and sound like loudspeakers should, then check these out. Always on demonstration at Lyric.


Now available, new R series

R Series is the most exciting development in performance speakers for years.

Technology developed for the mighty Blades has trickled down to give a range which devastates virtually any speaker in the price range

It's that good!

The range starts with the £ 1299 R3, compact, a wide open spacious sound from a compact box, outperforming many floorstanders.

The new R5s at £ 1999 are a star, how do they achieve deep controlled bass from such a slim cabinet? Always on demonstration

R7s at £2599 are even better again

Available in gloss white, gloss black, and walnut

The range is completed by a matching centre speakers, atmos speakers, and a subwoofer

R series link


The Reference Series

The latest Reference features one bookshelf, two floorstanders and matching centre/rears.

The engineering excellence of Kef Reference has been around for over 20 years, this latest version is ground-breaking

Blade technology is applied, giving a range with much better clarity and dynamics in compact boxes.


Reference One bookshelf speakers are £ 6499 per pair,      kef ref 1

The Three and Fives are tall slim floorstanders at £ 10500 and £ 14,999 per pair


The Threes use a double bass unit system to give a big spread of sound with superb dynamics.

The Fives have 2 extra bass units to go deeper and fill rooms better, SUPERB

Kef Reference 5 speakers