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Sonos Streaming Audio


With it’s easy easy set up, ease of use, and access to all the music on the planet the Sonos is a must-have product. 

Sonos connects to your existing system in your main room and can extend your system to other rooms wirelessly.

How it works, 5 easy steps:

Note, if your wifi is solid you can set these systems up without the Bridge, and if your wifi is poor you can  often fix it with a Sonos Boost at £ 79

1        TO ADD TO YOUR EXISTING HIFI- Add a CONNECT (£349) to your hifi system. Control this from any Android or Apple phone/tablet or your pc. This allows you to play music from your PC, itunes library, Spotify/Napster/Deezer (with subscription), and radio through your existing music system

2        Add another Sonos amplifier AMP ( £599) with a pair of speakers (£300-1000) to the next room and all your music is available in both rooms. 

You can play different music in each room at the same time.

You can play different radio stations in each room at the same time. 

3    Add a Sonos Play 5 or Play1 tabletop solution (shown above on the left) to another room. 

These are wireless receiver, amplifier, and speakers all in one compact box for only £199 or £449

You can now play 2 different streams of music in 2 rooms simultaneously.


4 Want to improve your TV sound AND stream music?

Add a Sonos Playbar or Playbase to your TV for £699 and then a wireless SUBwoofer for even better sound for another £699. There is now a mini version called Beam as well


5  Keep adding as many rooms as you like with either speakers or tabletop.

Every room has it’s own individual selection of music from a server or online

Every room has it’s own individual selection of radio station

Every room has it’s own individual selection of volume

Every room has it’s own timer/alarm.

5  Stop when you have 256 Zones!