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Linn DSM, the next generation of digital music at home

Linn have a proud history of innovation.

From the first Linn Sondek turntable this has continued through Isobarik speakers, heavy cables, electronic switching on amplifiers, quality multi-room music, hard disk music storage, and even includes something as simple as spikes on speaker stands!

This has always set them apart as a company with supreme engineering skills and the desire to explore the limits of what is possible.

Their latest radical move is the digital streaming series of products, DS.

You rip your music collection to a hard drive which can sit either beside your hifi or beside your computer. This connects by a network to the DS box which sits beside your hifi system.

The amazing demonstration we can do is:

 1 you bring in some favourite cds

2 we rip them to our server

3 compare playing the original on a cd player to our ripped version through a DS.

4 The DS is clearly better in every way!

5 Buy the level that suits your system and your pocket 

It's too long to type out a full explanation of why this is happens, bring in your cd and I'll do it then

DS comes in 4 sound quality levels:

Majik, Selekt, Akurate, Klimax.

The latest Linn Majik DSM4 is a bargain of a Majik level Digital streamer and amplifier in one case at £ 2949.


The Akurate DSM is £ 7500, including HDMI inputs and a preamplifier


Klimax DSM is the ultimate streamer and preamplifier, at only £ 15995


At each jump in level and price the improvement in clarity is immediate and obvious. Linn don't get these things wrong!

There are also two unusual DS models call ed Sekrit DS and Sekrit DSM. These were originally used for multi-room Linn DS systems but are equall y at home as a complete sound system at low cost, for Linn that is. Sneaky DS gives you a streamer and amplifier for only £ 1199.  Whats the catch? Well it is a streaming only product, no inputs for anything else, so you have your music library, Spotify, and radio only, no line inputs at all. Also the amplifier is very punchy sounding but low power so we have to be careful matching speakers and you're not going to run a dance club from it. Having said that you can achieve a fantastic sound for very reasonable money, and with a Linn badge it must be good, it is good.


The more powerful version with extra inputs, Sekrit DSM at £ 1750, is another Linn bargain. Simple box, no controls as you use your iphone/ipad/pc/notebook, 50Wpc, great streaming, great sound, and also HDMI inputs for connecting your blu ray and tv


        The Sekrit DS can be used vertically or horizontally, we pictured it vertically just to look different!

You will also need some ancillaries with all DS variants, hard drive, control, which we can discuss with you.

The Linn is very flexible, iphone, ipad, ipod touch, any android device, or a laptop, mac or windows, can all be used

While the original disk server, the Kivor, pointed the way to digital storage future the DS systems have taken a leap forward in performance above anything else on the market.

We stock various other streaming devices, Sonos, Arcam, Cyrus, Rega, Naim, the Linn has a clear demonstrable advantage bringing you closer to the music, and the performance.

To find out more send us an email with any questions or call in for a chat and a listen. To hear a particular model it is best to give us a call so we can have it set up ready to go.