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Covid/Brexit/shipping etc are all still playing havoc with deliveries from many companies. Rega are one of the best organised so if you ask me about delivery on a specific item I can usually tell you!

As I write this late September everything is possible between now and Christmas morning. 

Even a Planar 10 with Aphelion cartridge for £6200 

Thank you Santa


This is a fun video on the Planar 3 exact, enjoy !


Video by Geekanoids !


Rega have a new baby speaker called Kyte, available March 21 at £499 per pair.

See this video:Rega Kyte Speakers.

The Planar1 and Planar1 Plus finish has been changed to a new matt finish and at the same time there is a new upgraded belt fitted to improve the sound. One small drawback though, prices goes up slightly to £ 275 and £ 345

Rega have 6 What Hifi Awards 

They just can't stop winning, this year for Planar 1, 3, 6, FonoMM, Io and Aethos

New Video loaded about the Rega Io amplifier, enjoy!



Unfortunately the launch of System One is delayed due to the recent manufacturing shutdown. It will be next year before we have stock, will update here when we know some better news.

More amazing reviews on the Rega Aethos and on the Io:



This What Hifi review is being written just before the annual  awards so they are playing their cards close to keep some mystery for the awards. Read between the lines and the Io sounds better than their tio recommendation for the past 4 years! Some achievement! The Marantz has digital inputs and blue tooth but don't forget you can easily add bluetooth from £ 30ish


Just announced, and the amp is here already, an exciting development to broaden the appeal of Rega's talents to new clients at new starting prices.

The iO amplifier is half a Brio, obviously, for £ 379. Around 30 wpc it also has a built-in MM phono stage and 2 extra line inputs. Matched to this will be the Kyte loudspeakers featuring a clever new cabinet manufacturing technique that will allow these to sell for just £ 429 per pair. And if you want a full Rega system with value we will supply System One, a Planar1 turntable, Io amplifier, Kytes speakers with 2 by 3m of speaker cable included for just £ 999 !


 Rega SYSTEM one with ttextSMALL

First deliveries of the iO now here and available to listen and to purchase


New Rega Video called LISTEN, 3 and a half interesting minutes of a factory tour showing how some hifi parts are made. I particularly like the moving-coil cartridge coil winding and the arm bearing testing. Click this link


A new moving coil cartridge just announced, the ANiA Pro, which features the Ania body, an updated generator, and a fineline stylus from the Apheta 2.

At the same time the Apheta2 is imaginatively renamed Apheta3 with the latest generator.

Available late Feb/March the AniaPro will be £ 899 and the Apheta3 £1249.Both will also have bundles with the PLANAR6 and PLANAR8. 

Rega Ania Pro gallery 2 3


Stereo+ in Norway have awarded the Aethos Amplifier Product of the Year!

While I've just seen a copy of the review it's in Norwegian so no point attaching it here!  Here are the best bits:

"It doesn’t matter what kind of speaker you are using, Rega's Aethos gives you a unique combination of engagement, enthusiasm and joy.

Fantastic sound quality, highly musical, and excellent balance" Stereo + Dec 2019

EAR magazine have also reviewed the Aethos ang given it 5 stars, have a look: 

REGA Aethos Review

Interest Free Credit and Buy Now Pay Later is now available on much of the Rega range.

The New Planar 10 with Apheta is great value at £ 4449 however splitting the cost can make it even better value.

Lots of ways to do that: trade-in your deck as deposit, top that up with an extra lump and leave the balance you want:

The last £ 1500 would be 10 months by £ 150, the last £ 2500 10 by £250 etc

The New £ 2995 Aethos amplifier can also be easier to own immediately, just pay the balance, or all of it, over 10 months.

You're Welcome !

IT'S ARRIVED, and it's great, blog to follow soon.............

Before the Atheos appears the new top of the Rega range turntable will appear, the Planar 10.

This will feature a 'skeletal' appearance like the £ 30,000 Rega Naiad, a brand new power supply, tonearm and cartridge, the Apheta3

Rega pl10

The Planar 10 will be on show and on demonstration in-store from 1st October, first orders will be supplied from 1st November. Of course you would expect me to say that it's brilliant but this is from the first review:

“The Planar 10 gives you the unvarnished beauty of the original material. It sounds like master tape resolution and means that the differences between recordings is far greater than usual, I have never used a turntable that reveals so much about the quality of the recording/mastering/pressing of vinyl record”. Verdict… Editors Choice.

“I  have not yet been able to stop playing old favourites on the Planar 10 and don’t expect the urge to subside any time soon, this is a truly exceptional turntable with the ability to open up any recording and show you exactly what was going on at the time and place it was made.

There is a better turntable and arm combination out there it’s called the Rega Naiad, but last time I looked it cost £25,000 and was in very short supply. There may be others of course but certainly not at anywhere the asking price here, the Planar 10 is a bona fide ultra-fi bargain”.

 Jason Kennedy Editor. 

Read the full review here then send me your order!!



Coming soon, a new Rega amplifier. Yes it's still Coming Soon, I did say it would be July, October now seems more likely, be patient!

The Atheos uses the new case as used in the Aura phono stage and it is gorgeous

rega atheos

Bullet-proof construction AND a thing of beauty, can't wait to hear it

You'll be shocked to hear that Rega have another amazing review. This time the Aura phono stage has the 5 star treatment from What Hifi.

We have sold a few of these already, they are truly amazing, worth £ 3995 !

Check it out with this link:

Rega Aura Review

 A new amplifier is about to join the incredible Rega line-up

With every single model having 5 star reviews expectations are high for the new Atheos

This features a gorgeous new case first shown on the £ 3995 Aura phono stage

Here is a picture from an advance model at a recent Hifi Show 

rega atheos

The Atheos will be here on demonstration from July-ish, selling at £ 2995, yes please!


Rega continue to innovate and their latest idea is a very simple one

If your amplifier or bluetooth speaker doesn't have a dedicated turntable input then you need not only a Planar1 but also a Fono mini input stage and a decent lead between them.

But no longer!

The new Planar1 Plus has a phono stage built in.

Same great performance, less boxes, £ 329, great idea!

Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable  - Gloss Black43844-1.jpg 3

It really just looks the same too


 What Hifi Awards love Rega, 2018 and 2017

Rega Brio  Best Stereo amplifier £300 - £700  “It’s the kind of amplifier we want to leave on and play

our entire music collection through. Again and again. And isn’t that what all good hi-fi is meant to do?”

Rega Elex-R Best Stereo amplifier £700 - £1500   “The Elex-R is a mighty fine achievement; the kind of 

product that gets straight to the heart of the music and conveys all the emotion in the recording with ease.”

Rega Planar 1 Best turntable £200 - £500  “Even as an entry-level turntable, this is the kind of

player that could feasibly be the last of your components you’d feel necessary to upgrade."

Rega Planar 3/ Elys2Best turntable £500 - £800 “The engaging musical character of the last generation 

hasn’t been diluted at all, if anything this new version is even more fun."

Rega Planar 6/AniaBest turntable £1200+

The Rega Planar 6/Ania’s masterful handle on rhythm and subtle detail is better than before, with refinement 

adding to the deck’s customarily musical and insightful performance."

Rega Fono MM Mk3Best phono stage under £250

“Rega has once again succeeded in all it set out to do”


Rega have been making moving coil cartridges for a few years now. When I say making they actually wind the coils and make it all in Southend The two existing models are Apheta at £ 998 and Aphelion at £ 2998

rega ania

Now available is the new Ania at the amazing price of £ 498, bringing moving coil performance to mere mortals.

Pretty isn't it?

Many people's amplifiers won't support MC so those nice people at Rega have added an affordable phono stage to match, Fono MC at just £ 248.

rega fono mc

Colour Technology at Rega

Rega have made colour versions for a few years now but the latest colour is actually a gorgeous shade.

'Get him, as if Michael knows anything about colours' says Karen

Judge for yourself

This option available on the Planar 2 and 3 and is the same price as the black or whites, £ 399 or £ 649

rega pl 3 red ania

You hear about another great review for Rega and immediately wonder which turntable it's for

Not so fast, 2 great reviews for Rega amplifiers.

The Rega Brio-r has had excellent reviews worldwide as one of the best mid-range amplifiers available

Now Rega have improved it and the reviewers love it even more.

It's now called Brio-r, the only part that hasn't changed

rega BRIO-LS-1web

The smart new case is obvious and inside has bigger changes.

Even though the power stays at 50 watts beefier internal power supplies mean more dynamics,

more small details at low volumes and also better performance at high volumes.

Adding a headphone socket gives a wider appeal and great care has been taken to

have a high performance headphone amplifier as more and more people use headphones.

The only downside is a small price increase from £ 548 to £ 598,

it's still a bargain!


Speaking of bargains, the Rega Elex-r was recently made What Hifi's amplifier of the year at up to £ 1000.

Now a new review in Hi Fi Choice is even more glowing, if that's possible

In a group test against Cambridge, Cyrus, Audiolab and Naim they describe the Rega as 'untouchable'

rega elex 



So they've gone and done it again! The engineers at Rega weren't content with just improving the Planar3 and bringing back a Planar2, they've only just gone and upped the ante with an all-new Planar1 as well.

Of course this was all part of a masterplan as research carried out for the Planar 3 impacted on and improved the 2 and the One.

The new One features a brand new improved tonearm, a new platter and shares the ultra low-noise 24v motor with the Planar2.

Factory fitted with a Rega Carbon cartridge this is Rega's trademark value-for-money, a real bargain at just £ 248


The all new Rega Planar Two

rega planar2 angle

While working on the Planar3 the design team at Rega had a cunning plan to make a new Planar2

Looking very similar to the 3, the new 2 features the same bearing, motor and lid, but that's all! 

The glass platter is lighter than the 3

The motor can't be upgraded with a better power supply unlike the 3

There is a new tonearm, the RB220, whereas the Planar 3 features higher tolerance bearings and the sprung tracking force on the RB330

The Planar 2 comes with a factory fitted Rega carbon cartridge

All this for just £ 399

For those wanting to take it further a Performance Pack upgrade featuring a Rega Bias cartridge, uprated belt, and the better mat from the Planar 3 will be made available later at £ 99

We are now demonstrating the Planar2 in-store

The iconic ‘ Planar Three’ returns - Now Available 

Rega planar-3-black-offside-with-mat-gallery

Replacing the multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task.

It took Rega's team of designers headed up by Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new 'Planar 3' following the biggest re-design of the iconic 'three' model ever seen.

The Rega team have improved every aspect of this turntable offering improved ergonomics, usability and first and foremost, sonic performance.

The new ‘Planar 3’ is truly a new turntable for 2016 carrying over just two components from the previous model.

Check out this lyric video: Michael on the Planar3

Also check out this thorough review



The Rega RX series is now playing in the shop,

Prices now confirmed at RX1 £ 798, RX3 £ 1298, RX5 £ 1698


REGA loudspeakers have recently lived in the shadow of their unbelievable turntables, cd players and amplifiers.

I remember the glory days of the Rega Ela speakers when they swept all before them so I'm looking forward to a return to that when Rega launch the all-new RX range later this year. Three models are on the way, a classy looking bookshelf speaker at £799, small floorstanders £1300ish and a larger model with a side mounted unit promising big bass from a reasonably sized cabinet at around £1700.

Now on dem and they live up to expectations, great sound, neat sizes

and the new cabi net finishes are superb, love the rich walnut

rx range

If you want a big detailed sound from a small cabinet look no further


 Advertising Linked to good magazine reviews?

With many companies we all suspect that if not 'payment in kind' then at least it's related to advertising. 

In Rega's case it can't be, Rega don't advertise!


click this link for Vinyl Turntable Tales



Fantastic review on the Apollo cd player:


“The Apollo-R is a brilliant disc spinner – it is mesmerisingly entertaining to lis ten to. It seems to unlock a whole extra layer of emotion in the music, as if to remind you that it isn't just hi-fi that you're listening to, but the expression of some poor musician's tortured inner soul. It makes everything an intense experience, and is guaranteed to keep even the most sleep-deprived night owl captivated on the edge of the sofa.”

Probably more flowery language than I would have used but I agree nevertheless

 The brand new Saturn-R cd player at £ 1598

rega saturn3 

Precision engineered mechanically and electronically, this is already regarded by magazines as the standard to beat in high performance cd players. While other companies have moved entirely to streaming Rega's engineers have taken a different approach. By developing a different dac system you can still play your cds and also connect a computer to play your music files. Now on demonstration.


UPDATE, now had a good chance to play with this and it is brilliant. Not any cd player to touch it at anywhere near the price, drop me a line to arrange a listen yourself

A Rega offer:

Rega cd players and amplifiers have all had wonderful reviews from every magazine.

The Apollo-R and Brio-R combination sounds brilliant, dynamic, detailed and never harsh. 

They are also great value at £ 549 each

rega brio


 rega apollo open



A PASSION FOR MUSIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZAhN26zWJ0


If you have a venerable Rega Planar 2 or 3 with a tired cartridge and belt then treat it to a new lease of life for not much outlay

Rega announce the new Carbon cartridge to refresh the parts of your vinyl old needles dont reach

Priced at only £ 29 the Carbon will be better than your 10 year old cartridge simply because it is new, the Elys at £ 69 is noticeably better again

At the same time your old belt will be stretched and the turntable running just slightly slow as a result. Pre-CD we used to change belts every year, and they will be stretched just by being on the turntable for years. Rega also have an improved belt for better grip and longevity. Treat your old Planar to a new lease of life for not very much.

Put the spring back in it's step and the smile back on it's face

 Prices: Original Black Belt £ 12, Upgraded White Belt £ 21

Carbon cartridge and Black Belt £ 59 fitted and tested

Carbon cartridge and White Belt £ 68 fitted and tested

Rega also have a strong range of better cartridges, Bias2 £ 79, Elys2 £ 119, Exact £ 255


Rega Research

Rega is the most individual, performance driven, enthusiastic, quirky, and music-loving group of people you will ever find.

They are also real manufacturers, almost everything they do is made in-house with precision and efficiency. This incredible focus means that when you purchase a Rega product it will reward you with a musical performance that is the be-all and end-all of it’s existence. In addition it will last for many years, and also be serviceable in the unlikely event that you do need their great back-up.

There is only one criticism ever levelled at Rega. Supplies can be slow. Well if you want a low volume, hand made, high performance music system then just be patient and wait a week or two, or possibly three or four! It's a lot faster than mass-market cars made in tens of thousands! Deliveries used to be much longer, Rega Planar1, Planar2, Planar3, and Planar6 in black are usually in stock. Planar8 could be in stock howvere RP10s are an individual order of 3-4 weeks. Apollo cd and Brio/Elex amplifiers we aim to keep in stock always. Saturn and Elicit are in stock as I write this but don't be surprised to wait 2/3 weeks. We are working closely with Rega to keep you happy, give us a call anytime to check the delivery status of any product. It is of course the best problem to have that you cant keep up with demand!


Starting out with famous award winning turntables Rega has evolved to produce fine loudspeakers and electronics with a unique emphasis on performance over fashion, and elegant simplicity over fussy features.

Every product is honed and refined to offer the best possible performance but engineered to keep the final price you pay to a minimum.

Even the high-end cd and amplifier, Isis and Osiris, at £6125 each are considered by Stereophile magazine to be an incredible bargain.   


Check out the Rega range:

Turntables Planar 1 What Hifi turntable of the year, super value at £ 248 complete with cartridge and ready to play


Next up is the Planar 2 featuring a better tonearm and the heavy glass platter that Rega are justly famous for, £ 399

 With this you can have an easy improvement in sound clarity by adding the REGA Performance Pack 

Upgrading the cartidge to the Rega Bias, upgrading the belt and the mat gives you a supercharged Planar where you can hear a real improvement.

Add it to your Planar 2 for £ 99

The Rega 3 is the most famous Rega of all. Too many awards to list over the years, and the latest Planar 3 won another What Hifi award last year, and is overall Turntable of the Year for 2016/17/18

Priced at £ 575, or more usually £ 649 including a Rega Elys2 cartridge worth £ 125, the Planar 3 is brilliant value for money, with unrivalled sound performance anywhere near this price. In fact the biggest competition is are you tempted by a Planar 6?

Rega planar-3-black-offside-with-mat-gallery

The Planar 6 jumps above the Planar 3 with a new lightweight and super rigid plinth material. It features a dedicated motor power supply to reduce noise and vibration and a new 16mm glass flywheel platter.

A Planar 6 on it's own is £ 998, and as with the Planar 3 there is an excellent cartridge deal. The precision Exact cartridge is £ 255, however if you order one with your P6 you can have it factory fitted to your turntable at £ 1198 complete


NEW Planar 8 NEO now available, and we have been demonstrating it.

Briliant new skeletal design, big jump above the 6, and great value when purchased with an Ania moving coil at £ 2119 or an Apheta cartridge at £ 2439 complete

rega 8 record


NB If you are getting back into vinyl and your amplifier doesnt accept a turntable then Rega have a simple solution, Fono Mini USB sorts this for only £ 95. Also if your amp is old/cheap/never really interested in vinyl this could be the best £ 95 you could spend to make it sound lots better. Ask us for advice on that if you know your amplifier make and model. 



The all-new Rega Apollo-R cd player is a great piece of engineering. Simple top loading design and the dac set developed for the award winning Rega DAC means another bargain triumph from Rega

The DAC at £ 549 is great value, so getting the Apollo including  almost that dac's performance for only £ 549 is a steal!


The complementary  Brio-R amplifier uses the same custom case finished in black or silver as the Apollo CD.

Some Class A thinking, ha ha, has produced a little 50W gem that works with a wide range of loudspeakers and is comfortably effortless and dynamic at low volume levels before the second stage of it's 150W output devices kick in.

£598 earth pounds is all you need to own a piece of stellar design


NEW ELICIT-R amplifier now shipping.

Traditional Rega detail and musicality with enough ooomph to drive and control most speakers

Sets a new standard for big integrated amplifiers and great value at £ 1598




Rega's no nonsense approach also applies to some clever clever speakers. Choose from bookshelf, small floorstander, medium floorstander, large floorstander, to suit your room, system, and pocket

Prices: Bookshelf RX1 £ 798, small floorstanders RX3 £ 1295, slightly larger floorstanders RX5 £ 1698



Imagine that for 20 years plus you have been universally acclaimed as the best value hifi in existence. During these years you have seen manufacturers come and go, and many of them have had big price tags, big reviews, and big reputations. In many many products a big heavy cabinet, plinth, or over the top metal case has blinded folk to mediocre sound and dubious engineering.

So one day Rega felt enough was enough. Let's design and manufacture a no-holds barred cd player, amplifier, and speaker system. It will be expensive, but still far cheaper than lots of overblown, overpriced, and underwhelming poseurs.

Step forward the Isis cd player, Osiris amplifier, and now the RS10 speakers to complete the system. Isis and Osiris have no compromises. They are as good as a cd and amplifier can be. They sound amazing. Worldwide acclaim has followed their launch, with one revered USA magazine even placing the Isis as it's true reference ahead of products costing 4/5 times more. This never usually happens, as the American magazines are religious about keeping price bands separate. This avoids embarrassing confrontations with your advertisers.

Production is limited. If all Rega products are hand built, the Reference range is checked, rechecked, and listened to before the 25kg each components are packed in their wooden transit cases.   



Most of the Rega Reference amplifiers and cd players are sold in pairs. This is partly because they match so beautifully, however there is another practical reason. At £ 6125 each these units are great value. Think Porsche level engineering. At £12250 for the pair it's a serious hit, so here is a little something to sweeten the deal. Isis and Osiris, delivered and installed in your home for £ 11250 including interconnect cables, and £1000 left to treat yourself to a trip.




And for an encore....... Rega Reference have added the RS10 loudspeakers. Just over a metre tall, 440mm deep, and packed full of new technology that needs explaining. ZRR tweeter system, BMR mid units with no crossovers in the critical vocal range, 2 different bass units tuned to eliminate any resonances, hangovers, or interpolation, every part of these beauties has benefitted from truly original thinking. Ok, so £ 7998 may be a stretch, but wow, wow, wow, it's a lot for the price.


Isis, Osiris, RS10, cables, install, all problems solved? £ 18,500, Easy. Also remember that we undertake to trade back in any hifi we have ever sold at a fair market price. If it's time to make a jump to a complete new system like this give us a call. It may be easier than you think to arrange a deal that suits everyone!