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What is your Desire?

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In ever y integration project the most important part is the brief.

This means not only facilities but also performance. It's easy to make technology work, making it work for you is the clever part.

Turning on music in any room is simple, but making it a performance that sounds great is where we excel.

This also applies to your home cinema, lets have you engrossed in that movie, every time.

No other installer has our experience, our drive, and our standards. And most, frankly, have no idea what a great sounding system is, how to bring your music collection to life, or how to set-up a cinema system, perfectly. 

Music, video, surround, distribution, home cinema, lighting, automation, entry, cameras, environment control, we bring our expertise to the parts of this you want, and then make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.  

We are also unique in that we take care everything from first fix through to fine-tuning and explaining the remotes. With one point of contact the entertainment systems are simple for you to manage.

To discuss your needs please call for an appointment and let us show you the possibilities. 

Once you see our enthusiasm you won't be disappointed


Meantime have fun looking at these links to some of our favourite suppliers: 

LINN HIFI, Music systems at the highest level, integrates with 3rd party video at highest resolutions.

While known for the highest performance Linn can be surprisingly affordable in a networked music system


Your music collection and radio stations are selected from your ipad/smartphone, or PC/MAC. Different music and volumes in each room or linked together in 'party mode'

Linn systems give you a range of sound performance levels chosen room by room from £ 1300 upwards, and is the only system that mixes simplicity of use with serious performance capabilities

Of course at the highest performance level one room of Linn can reach £ 50,000

All levels of Linn system can play music in Studio Master Quality, a cut above the rest of the market

The new Series 5 speaker system adds a stylis h and unique solution for high performance sound from music and tv sources, and is also available in different colours

linn s5 red

These speakers contain all the amplification you need so 2 speakers plus one connection box, as shown, can be your entire system for any room

linn s5 green

These Series 5 are available in two sizes at £ 6750 or £ 9500 per pair, not cheap but amazing sound

For information check out this link  LINN MUSIC SYSTEMS


We install more rooms of Sonos than any other manufacturer. Why? Simple, it's intuitive, bulletproof and inexpensive.

It can be wireless or wired, and easily integrates with a wide range of speaker/cost options

And if you want your multi-room to have the room you use most sounding amazing then it will integrate with a Linn main room

sonos room


There are a few other manufacturers with specific products that fall between Linn and Sonos in price and performance so we have even more options!


LUTRON, the worldwide leaders in lighting control, dimming, blinds, and home automation Simple to use and seamless integration with other Lyric systems



Rako is a UK based lighting control company with some great products. Depending on the number of circuits, load schedule, and what level of control you need it can also be a great solution. Rako is designed to be used in retrofit situations as well https://rakocontrols.com/


KNX SYSTEMS KNX is not a product, it is the most robust protocol for building automation, lights, central locking, heating control

Recommended by all top German manufacturers it is elegant, brilliant, and gorgeous, both visually and technically

 At Lyric we are proud to install KNX control integrated with Linn music

See Basalte at http://basalte.be

See JUNG at  http://www.jung.de/en/

See Gira KNX: http://www.gira.com/en/gebaeudetechnik/systeme/knx-eib_system.html


That list should keep you busy, then call for an appointment to pinpoint what's most important for you

We don't want to install rubbish everywhere, much better to let our expertise guide you to a balanced system putting the highest quality where you use it most and will have the most enjoyment.

Remember, the best systems are the ones that are used the most, and they come from us



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