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 4k has just become more affordable!

We have loved the Sony VPL320 for 2 years now, a great projector for just over £ 6000.

It's time to replace it and Sony have two options:

The VPL260 is a stripped down 320 with a price tag of £ 5199

If you're ready for 4k this is the new entry point.

Don't forget that the extra resolution gives you a much better picture on standard and high definition as well

The next option is the VPL360, taking a 320 and adding some features and improvements

The processing is superior but the biggest improvement is for people whose room may not be totally blacked out, most people.

This is automatic dynamic iris, adjusting the aperture with ambient light levels, clever!

For  £ 6999 this is also a great option, we are installing our first one last week in September, drop me a line to ask about the results

The new Epson 9200 series is a serious projector for the money. While we sell projectors from ThemesceneOptoma, JVC, Sony, and Sim2 it's hard to look past the Epson in the price/performance ratio.

I wrote that early 2016 before the 9200 became the 9300, looks the same, slightly better picture, and now accepts a 4k input

e tw9200 01

With different versions from £ 2995 it offers a great picture, easy set-up, 3D, wireless HDMI on some versions, and even a 5 year lamp warranty!

My new favourite!

You probably know by now that we have strong opinions about what's good and bad performance and don't really care what others or magazines might think. So it's good when a magazine gets it right for a change!

Click this link for a fantastic review of the Epson TW9300, sums up why we love it

Epson 9300 review 


SIM2 have long been one of our favourite projector manufacturers, a true specialist with proper specialist design and proper precision glass lenses. Yes, just like with proper cameras the lens makes an enormous difference. Fresh from their technology centre come the new Crystal Cube. Beautiful, simple, bright, precise, and worth the £ 4500 asking price. One of the ways they keep this entry price down is by leaving out 3D, £ 750 extra.

4K is the latest buzzword for high level projectors and first in was Sony at £16500. A brilliant projector when viewed with either 4k or blu ray material but we know that with the Japanese this technology will reduce in price, and guess what, 6 months later the latest 4K Sony is £ 8500. Obviously it's not as good as the model at twice the price but it is brilliant value. And now there is another version at just(!) £ 5850 

Bundles available with different sizes and motorised options, now on the Catalogue

ALWAYS FANCIED A SIM2 Projector but thought the premium prices a bit high? Well they are never cheap but a price realignment on the NERO line makes them a little more affordable. Thanks to the £-Euro exchange going our way Sim2 have reduced the Nero 3D from £ 12750 to £ 9995

Have a look, but beware, you will be tempted!


Home Cinema Overview, use contact us to ask specific questions about your project 

How confusing is this?

You can buy a projector for £ 600, £ 6000, or £ 60000 and the resolution is the same.

So what's the difference?

While I am not a fan of car analogies checking the resolution these days is like looking to see if your new car has electric windows or aircon! They all have. 

All of them will also exceed the speed limit, have central locking and be available in many colours.&nbsp ;

So working out the value for money needs more knowledge, or you need to see them.

Why does a Mercedes with 4 wheels and an engine cost more than a Kia also with 4 wheels and an engine. Both will get you there, but the advanced engineering in the Merc means that you will enjoy the journey and feel safe.

A better projector will have properly engineered lenses, not plastic. It will have the ability to react super fast to changes in brightness, colour etc. It will be able to project a solid black, meaning that the colours and contrast will be correct .

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with Kias and Hyundais. Great value for money, but not a BMW.

To narrow it down we look at many projectors and select the best. Usually that is based on performance, and we also take back-up and service into account.

We do supply projectors at £ 1000-1500( Themescene/Optoma), but frankly at this level you get a lot lot better picture going up to £ 2500-£ 3000 for an Epson 9200.

Above that you have some larger jumps in performance and price.

Over £5000 has just gotten really exciting with the new Sony VPL300 4k. We installed the first one in the country and it is really good.

It may be £ 5850 but the performance is fantastic, it cleans up

The next Sony 4K is better again but takes you up to £ 8750

And what about 4K projectors? What's that all about?

For next generation performance 4K is the news.  Over 4 times the resolution. Only professional material that you can't yet buy runs this to it's potential but the Sony 4k projector looks fantastic even on current blu ray resolution. Pity there is always just one drawback. £ 16,800.  Thankfully you can now have a taste of this for £ 8750 or £ 5850


The best value for money is rarely the cheapest. use our knowledge to achieve the best picture performance for your hard earned money