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Adding a surround system onto a tv screen is great, but it's not a cinema.

To really get into a film it's got to be dark, you've set aside 2 hours, and you're going to watch a movie without doing anything else.

Whether it's Toy Story, Casablanca, or Ter minator doesn't matter. You are setting your valuable time aside to escape to another place and another world, right in your own home.

That's what your home cinema system from Lyric is for.

To transport you to that world needs a great system. An image that fills your view and a sound system where you hear every whisper and jump at the gunshot is what you need.

At Lyric we have high standards for our equipment and our installations.

We pride ourselves on making the correct system choices so that you enjoy the best possible system, whatever your budget.

While data projectors from pc world might start at a few hundred pounds, a real projector starts at £ 1200+, and do go to many thousands.

Themescene, Epson, Sony and Sim2 are the manufacturers we recommend most. with prices from £ 2k-30k!

The projector is often the most expensive single component in your cinema so talk it over with us and choose carefully. 


 Here are our oustanding favourites:

There are a few models from Epson and Themescene at £1-2000 which we like but the starting point in a projector we really like is the Epson Tw7400

For £ 2199 you can own a projector which is bright with great detail and contrast. On fast moving scenes it is better than anything at the price.


4k projectors offer much better resolution from 4 times as many pixels. The leader in this technology is Sony, whose £ 16999 flagship we saw four years ago now and found it a revelation

Now Sony have 4k projectors at more affordable prices, £ 4999, £ 9999, £ 14,999 simples !

These are simply fantastic


SIM2 also make great projectors. We have been supplying SIM2 as our best models for over 10 years but just at the moment a 4k SIM will set you back over 30k so the Sonys are fantastic value!