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Lyric started supplying naim gear in 1980, so we think we know a bit about the heritage, the products, and how much they mean to their proud owners. The Naim build quality has always been amazing and that construction is an essential part of it's performance, underpinning the ethos of the company.

The longest running and most iconic product Naim make is the long running NAP250DR power amplifier. This exem plifies Naim, super solid build, incredible sound, maybe pricey at £ 4299but worth every penny!

The Naim range now starts with the Musos, all-in-one box streamer/amplifier/speaker solutions starting with a Muso QB at £ 899 and then the latest Muso G2 at £ 1449

naim muso 4

Real hifi starts with either the Si/XS ranges or the clever all-in-one Unitis, Atom, Star or Nova.

The Si combination of CD and amplifier comes to £ 2777while the XS streamer and amplifier comes to £ 

naimnaitxs front 10pc

 naim uniti atom 

This is the super cute Uniti Atom, excellent streamer, digital in and outs, 40Watts, £ 2699

naim uniti nova

There is then a Star at 70 watts with a built-in cd player at £ 3999 and the range-topping Nova at 80 watt per channel and no cd player at £ 4799

The Star and Nova look the same but the Nova sounds much better


The Classic range features state-of -the-art streamers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, power supplies and a cd player all in the famous bulletproof Naim case.

       naim nap200 1


There are 2 Network streamers in the Classic range, all controllable by Naim's excellent app. The NAC N272 is not only a streamer but also a preamplifier.

Matched with a NAP200DR you have a Naim streamer/preamp/power amplifier for just over £ 6000 or £ 8000 with the famous 250DR


Moving up a level on the all important source brings you to the 2 top streamers, NDX 2 at £ 5299 and then the amazing ND555, just £20999 including the dedicated power supply

naim NDX 2 front back 0


As well as the normal connections check out the large round socket to the right of the NDX2 sign on the back. That's you read y for a future upgrade with the XPS DR power supply at £ 4199

To match this level of source a separate pre and power amp is recommended. While the one box integrated amplifier, the SuperNait3 , does sound amazing the next level up is a big jump in sound. NAC202/NAP200DR is an excellent amplifier for £ 4750 but wouldnt you really love a NAP250DR. Of course you would but there is a problem. Actually it's not really a problem as it is easily solved with money!!

Naim preamplifiers can be powered from a power amp as in the 202/200. When you go up to the 250DR it doesnt power a preamplifier so you will also need a  separate power supply such as the Hicap or Supercap DR.

This makes a NAC202/HiCapDR/NAP250DR combination £ 7945, and then a NAC282 SuperCapDR NAP250 DR at £ 13900, and by the time you're there then the NAC252 is only a small jump to £15,900

If you make a plan to get to this level you can take smaller bite-size chunks. Start with NAC202, a smaller power supply such as the HiCapDR and a NAP250

When you are ready to go again then trade-in the preamplifier and power supply for better ones, separately or together

There are two other immense levels above this, the 500 series amplifier and then the Statement

naim statement


 So that's what a £ 115,000 amplifier looks like !