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This page hosts a list of online gambling sites and casinos that are not part of Gamstop. These external operators hold licences with places like Malta, Cyprus, Curacao, Gibraltar or other off-shore entities outside of the UK. Casinos that are not based in the UK should be approached with caution. These sites do not have the same level of safety as those licensed by the UKGC, as they are classified as non-Gamstop casinos. These gambling sites accept players from all over the world, including the UK, but they are not specifically targeted at British gamblers. They usually use euros as their currency rather than pounds sterling. The sole purpose of this web page is to provide feeless and straightforward self-exclusion from any gambling websites not included in Gamstop s scheme. The top list is for foreign residents living in the UK who want to play at a casino that isn t licensed by the UKGC. If you want to stop using these websites, we recommend that you manually block yourself from each casino not on the Gamstop list or explore our other self-exclusion options. For a general casino player, playing an online slot machine or live casino game for a few free spins is a great way to de-stress after work. For some people, gambling is not a casual activity--it s an addiction. Fortunately, the Gamstop scheme exists to help problem gamblers in Great Britain by allowing them to self-exclude from online casinos. If you or someone you know suffers from gambling addiction, encourage them to seek help through this program. If you re looking to gamble online, it s a smart move to sign up for Gamstop. Once you re registered, Gamstop will exclude you from all participating online gambling and casino sites. Right now, it s voluntary for casinos to register with Gamstop, so there are some that aren t included. Gamstop is a UK-based initiative, and currently, online casinos licenced in Malta, Cyprus, Curacao are not registered on Gamstop. The UKGC can’t force an individual to join the Gamstop scheme.

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The famous Kef LS50 was to mark the 50th Anniversary of Kef with something special and 10 years later they are still top of the tree.

So the new LS60s are obviously to mark 60 years of Kef and with a lot to live up to they need to be equally ground breaking, so what are they and how have they done this?

LS60 is a pair of floor standing speakers with all Kef's new tech included, and that's an amazing list.

Take the UNI-Q drive unit on the front, it's smaller than before and includes a longer throw, extra bracing like the Blade/Reference and the ground breaking Meta technology also from Blade/Reference and LS50s.

Meta technology is more than just a buzzword, it's really advanced technology creates a series of tiny tubes behind the treble and midrange that takes away unwanted back reflections resulting in the cleanest clearest high and mid frequencies possible. 

The elegant cabinets are only 13cm wide by 109cm tall so how can you generate any bass from that ? Another Kef answer coming up, double opposing bass units tied together with rods to give a super rigid cabinet. Remind you of anything?

These are the pinnacle of the Kef range, the Blades, £22,500 to £30,000, using the same layout of opposing bass units.

In addition these 4 bass units use an origami-like roll surround system that pioneered on the KC62 mini subwoofer to give a longer throw than is usually possible and move more air.

As if that's not enough, the LS60s have active amplification on-board. To achieve the cleanest delivery to the drive units there is a separate power amplifier for bass, for midrange, and for treble. The incoming signal is split in the digital domain and there is a separate digital to analogue converter for each frequency band. so that's 6 DACs in 2 loudspeakers.

The built in streamer has a new app so it really is simple to access the highest resolution files from Qobuz, Tidal and all the rest along with your favourite radio stations. Bluetooth is also on board.

AND you have extra inputs too so you can easily connect a tv, turntable, cd player or pretty much anything else!

The 64,000$ question, how do they actually perform?

The clarity, dynamics, highs and lows are incredible. The boxes disappear with a big big room filling sound. Started with Autumn by Paolo Nutini. Wonderful open voice echoing in the air and a simple piano backing. Beautiful, but is there any bass? Move on to The Adults are talking by the Strokes and Sometimes we Cry by Van Morrison. The bass is deep and controlled and the dynamics exceptional, should be of course with 1400 watts of active power on tap!

Couldn't resist a bit of Bat for Lashes, the song Laura is dynamic, dramatic and just hangs in the air.

I have heard many more expensive systems that don't come close to the easy musicality of the LS60s, however-

I'm not changing to them myself

That's not because they aren't brilliant, at £ 5999 they are an absolute bargain and for many people not having all those black boxes and wires is a godsend

Hifi separates go higher still and I love my streamer/preamplifier/power amplifiers and speakers so I'll stick with that, it should be better it cost a lot more!

Just like many hifi systems LS60 can be both brilliant and not for everyone all at the same time.

I will say though that I have friends and clients who love their music and don't want boxes, wires and big speakers.

These, my friends, are just perfect for you

Call in for a listen, pick your colour, lend me your card and we'll deliver and install them