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Kef Q Blog2, large floorstanders

The larger Q floorstanders are the Q750 and Q950

The 750 uses a 6.5" UniQ unit and a 6.5" bass unit.

kef q750W

So why are there 4 round bits Michael?

That's because the top and bottom ones are ABRs, which stands for Auxiliary Bass Radiator.

ABRs aren't driven, they are passive devices to extend and deepen the bass performance while keeping it under control.

This a technique Kef have used in successfully in several models over the years.


Q950 looks very similar, in fact from a photograph it's impossible to tell between them

kef q950w

See what I mean!

All drive units are now 8" diameter so the whole speaker is 5" taller and 1.5" wider.

Listening between them is very inter esting, the Q750 from the Q550 is a much bigger warmer sound with a real easy sound to them .

It's not laid back though as it still has real punch and dynamics.

Changing to the Q950 has the same characteristics and also goes deeper again in the bass. At high volumes these can really kick it out.

Radiohead at full volume? Yes please

Low volumes are the most clever part where the increased dynamic capability means that they stay realistic at these low volumes.

You might think it's counter intuitive that the larger speaker is superior at low volumes but it makes sense as it is related to the surface area of the drive units.

Where does this leave us?

Well at £ 1150 the Q750s are excellent and at £ 1430, strange price point, the Q950s are better overall and especially if you play it loud.

A better question is how do these compare to the £ 1499 R500?

The R series are clearer and better but have less bass output until you go up to the £ 1999 R700

I'd take the R series every time, but it's your money not mine, and I'm really happy to let you hear the difference for yourself

That's what we're here for





The name Q series has been a part of the Kef range for more than 20 years now and through updates every 3-4 years it has always been one of the leading speakers in its price range.

Q sits between the cheap and cheerful C series and the high performance R range to give 5 performance levels between £430 and £ 1430 per pair, one of the most competitive areas of the loudspeaker market. Every model follows closely the sizes of the outgoing model so Q100, small bookshelf, becomes Q150 small bookshelf, Q300 larger bookshelf becomes Q350 larger bookshelf etc.

The 2 bookshelf models are Q150 and Q350 at £ 430 and £ 530 per pair. The previous version of the 350 won many awards including loudspeaker of the year so the Q350 has rather large shoes to fill. The cabinet is roughly the same size so it is the improved drive units which will tell the tale.

kef q350 room

Putting them on they immediately have the sound signature of the UniQ drive unit with a smooth off-axis response hence giving a big out-of-the box sound. That's what UniQ does. However this latest UniQ is definitely better than the previous version with improved dynamics and detail. Tom Petty sounds excellent, as does another old favourite the Jacqueline du Pre Elgar Cello Concerto. The old Q300 had a bit of a 'bloom' to the bass end which was a pleasant fault to have as long as it's not too boomy and the Q350 retains some of this from the big bass unit in a small cabinet. That said these are really engaging and enjoyable, they will do very well.

Switching to the Q150 shows the same dynamics but with less volume of bass. They are still a great communicator when you play something with emotion, in this case some Nick Cave from The Boatman's Call shows how good they can be, as does some Emily Barker from Dear River.

One unusual part of the new Qs is that they all have single wire terminals instead of bi-wire. The amazing Kef LS50 is single wired so perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise. Instead of spending money on extra sockets and fancy veneers all your money is going into the engineering that provides the best performance.

Talking of the LS50 what will happen comparing them at £ 799 to the Q550 at £ 850? You might know that I am a big fan of the LS50, as is virtually every magazine and journalist around the world!

The Q550s are a slim floorstanding speaker only a mere 7" wide and 3' tall. To gain extra bass from such a narrow cabinet they have a small bass unit flanked by 2 bass radiators beneath their uniQ. They are a good sounding speaker too, more detailed on vocals than the Q350 as well as a deeper and tighter bass.

kef q550 b

 And the LS50 comparison? Well here's the thing, if you want your system to go louder with more bass, to be tall, slim, and elegant, or if you just like the look of the Q550s then buy them.

The LS50s in ever y other way are just better.

kef ls50 b

Perhaps this isn't so surprising, the UniQ's cone materials in the LS50 are more expensive and the rounded cabinet with it's massive internal bracing gives a seriously rigid enclosure. 


There are still 2 more new floorstanders to listen to, the £ 1150 Q750 and the £ 1430 Q950, but that's for another day as I have work to do!

Rega Reviews


Just in case you didn't know that Rega are more than turntables.........

rega BRIO-LS-1web

Rega Brio-r Review in The Ear

REGA Elex-r review

Rega Brio-r Review in What Hifi

 And if you want to see what Rega are all about take this new factory tour,

including how to build an RP8 turntable

REGA tour with RP8 build

rega rp 8 angle


Also in What Hifi they have lis ted their 9 best turntables,

only four of them are Regas, well they couldnt have all six Regas in there!


Rega are always such great value for money that you dont associate them with a moving coil cartridge at £ 2998!

Read on........Rega Aphelion Ultimate Cartridge




Moving Coil Heaven

Everyone who’s into vinyl has always aspired to a moving coil cartridge. Moving coil represents the pinnacle of turntable performance, but with pitfalls.

Firstly they are tricky to manufacturer so good ones are expensive. Secondly the output is tiny and preserving, measuring and amplifying this signal requires a high performance phono stage to acquire all the extra information.

For many years we have supplied mostly Linn and Dynavector moving coils, still will,  and three years ago this was added to by Rega with a £ 920 wonder called the Apheta and a £ 2995 wonder called Aphelion. These are all the more special as they are the only moving coils actually manufactured in the UK, right down to winding their own coils. As Rega are well known for incredible value they have now added the Ania moving coil at just £ 498.

To match this Rega also have a new phono stage, the Fono MC at just £ 248

rega ania2

This combination will match perfectly any Rega Planar 3, RP3, RP6, or RP8 thanks to it's bespoke 3 point mounting system. Even models going back quite a few years will support this and sound fantastic.

If you fancy treating yourself to a big upgrade then this could be it. The Ania lifts the performance of a Rega to a new level and the sound of moving coil is far far superior to moving magnet.

The Ania is with us now, the Fono MC will follow at the end of June and from then we aim to have this combination always available here for a listen.

Just give us a call beforehand and I’ll have it read y and singing

What's happening with Uniti?

So what's going on with Naim and Unitis?

Excellent question, it was summer 2016 when it was announced that Naim's Uniti range of Qute , Lite, and Super would all be replaced in Sept/October with all-new models

We ordered what we needed from the range and waited for new models, and waited, and waited. Scroll on to Jan 2017, still waiting, despite having info and pictures to whet the old appetite the latest news is April, May?, June?

Approaching a year with no production of one of the biggest selling ranges what is going on? At the same time the old guard at the top of Naim have moved on, or retired. Is this because of the launch screw-up? Who knows, perhaps it was just the right time anyway.

Happier news the new gear looks great and is a simplified range.

First to arrive will be the UnitiCore, a cd ripper and server. The Core can store up to 100,000 tracks of uncompressed music and serve out to multiple rooms on a network.

It has no analogue outputs so to be used as a player you need a DAC or an amplifier with digital inputs. Control is by the Naim APP


Available March-ish orders are now being taken, priced at £ 1799, looks fabulous doesn't it?

The three all-in-one music players to complete the range are the Atom, Star, and Nova.

This the Nova, colour screen to see what's playing, stream from internet services, nas drive, bluetooth

and then a 40 watt amplifier. The standard ver sion is £ 1750, add £ 99 for an HDMI input

Uniti Atom


 The next two are the big boys, full width case, more power, better power supplies.

UnitiStar at £ 3299 will do all the Atom above does and also features a cd drive for playing and ripping your cds

to an external hard drive or to a Uniti Core. Sound performance is notched up a level as well.



Top of the range is the Uniti Nova

Without the cd drive the case is packed with amplification for superior sound quality

Can't wait to get our hands on this one!

uniti nova2

Full Naim 80 watts per channel in a gorgeous case, £ 4099


So while the wait for these beauties has been frustrating it looks like it will be worth it