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A large flat tv can be great but it isn't a cinema

In a cinema you relax with time to watch an entire movie

In a home cinema you create that experience for a movie or a match at the touch of a button

You sit in the dark, the picture fills your field of view and the sound draws you into the magic


While some of our installs have a dedicated cinema room, seats and all, at home I have a wall mounted tv for day to day viewing and then a motorised screen that comes down in front of the tv so that we can all relax in our usual preferred chairs.

I am often asked how dark the room has to be.

You can't project black. Black is the absence of light so the darker the better. Having said that half the year here it is dark by early evening anyway! Many of our projectors also have dual modes so that when calibrating the picture we can have a dark setting and a daylight setting to give the best for both.

The examples in this section cover a range of components, speaker types, and prices, however while all achievable they are guides. To have an exact price for your room we need to meet in-store to look at a cinema and talk about what it will all look like (mostly the speakers) and then follow it up with a site visit to see what is involved in the installation. Of course if you prefer you can also purchase the gear and install it yourself.

Drop us a line using the contact tab above with any questions or to make an appointment

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