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The larger cabinet of a floorstanding loudspeakers allows more air to move and typically generates a deeper fuller bass.

In a smaller room you could be better off with higher performance compact speaker than a larger pair with more bass that could just make the room boom.

If in doubt ask.

Most top loudspeakers are floorstanding. There is a scale and sense of realism that sets them apart and makes them the next logical step for many.

Favourites? Here are a few:

Rega RX3 sound dynamic and detailed for a Rega-esque reasonable price tag and are very slim and neat

Kef R7 have amazing clarity, bass extension, and value. Bit too big for the room?, then listen to the new R5s which are fantastic

Linn Akubariks are really amazing if the budget rubs to £ 9400, check out the Reference 3s for the competetion at 'just' £ 7500

Have you the space and the budget available?? Choose Blades, the new Blade2 is not only more affordable but also slightly more room friendly

Finally what about active speakers? We usually have the Linn Akubariks in Exakt format on dem. Ten power amplifiers and ten dacs all inside the speaker cabinets, amazing performance!


£ 639.00 each KEF Q550 pair
£ 1,149.00 each KEF Q750 pair
£ 1,298.00 each REGA RX3
£ 1,698.00 each REGA RX5
£ 1,800.00 each Linn Majik 140 Pair
£ 1,999.00 each KEF R5 pair
£ 2,599.00 each KEF R7 pair
£ 3,999.00 each Kef R11 pair
£ 10,500.00 each KEF Reference THREE
£ 7,998.00 each Rega RS10 pair
£ 14,500.00 each KEF Reference FIVE
£ 17,999.00 each Kef Blade 2
£ 23,000.00 each KEF BLADE pair
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