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So how does a streamer work and why do some people say it's rubbish and others say it's the best source? They can both be right, internet streaming can be awful, high performance streaming can be sublime

Quick summary:

You can stream low quality from the internet or from itunes at MP3 level 192Kb of information per second. The next level up is still MP3 at 320kb/s 

This is better but still way below cd level of 1411kb/s.

To make streamers sound really good you rip your cds onto a local hard drive at 1411 (or have us do that for you) and with a streamer you can have this with no error correction, no losses and a more detailed and dynamic sound. You can also stream Studio Master performance, download the music onto your hard drive and have a bit rate of between 2116 and 9216 kbps

This sounds amazing, that's why you do pay more for the music!

In practice most music collections will be at many different bit rates but mainly at 1411. To me this easily outperforms cd, no nasties, great smooth sound, superb dynamics, I love it even before you discover how easy it is for the whole family to use. See our videos and Reference streaming guides for more info or call in for a listen and explanation of how it can work with your existing system

*Linn streamers now also work with Tidal, a new music service that streams from the internet at 1411kpbs and sounds great*

£ 2,249.00 each Naim Uniti Atom
£ 1,750.00 each Linn Sekrit DSM
£ 3,999.00 each Linn Selekt DSM
£ 2,950.00 each Linn Majik DSM 4
£ 2,399.00 each Naim ND5 XS2
£ 5,299.00 each Naim Audio NDX2
£ 6,600.00 each Linn Akurate DS
£ 7,500.00 each Linn Akurate DSM
£ 599.00 each Sonos AMP
£ 349.00 each Sonos Port
£ 15,800.00 each Linn Klimax DS
£ 18,900.00 each Linn Klimax DSM
£ 1,299.00 each Naim Mu so2
£ 4,299.00 each Naim Uniti Nova
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