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Chosen Great Sounding Hifi Systems:

System One

Turntable Amplifier Cd player Streamer and Speakers


New Rega Planar 3 Brio Apollo Denon Heos and Rega RX1

Great system that ticks all the boxes

£ 625+598+548+299+798=£ 2499 inc cables

We can't add, that should be £ 2900 and you can have it for £ 2499

Two options:

Want better streaming? , change to a Linn SDS for another £600, save another £100

Want floorstanding speakers? , opt for the Rega RX3 for an extra £ 400, save another £ 100

Or if you dont need all the sources you can leave some out

System Two

Moving up to the Rega Elex-r amplifier gives a new clarity to the sound

The Amplifier of the Year Award winner also deserves better sources and speakers


Rega RP6Exact Elex-r Apollo Linn SDS Rega RX3

£ 1099+898+548+999+1298= £ 4500 inc cables, not £ 5231

Larger room, add £ 300 for the £ 1698 Rega RX5s

System Three

Streaming instead of cd? Go Linn

Linn Majik DSM with the Linn 109 speakers and stands is a superb combination

£ 2990+990+190 + cables = £ 3950, not £ 4170

Two Options:

Playing vinyl? Add a Rega RP6 turntable for £999, save £100

Better speakers? The Kef R700 sound great with this system

add £ 700, save another £ 120


To audition any of these systems simply give us a call and we will have them hooked up ready to play


Linn LP12 turntables benefit massively from a good service every few years. If you have a cherished Sondek then treat it to a new lease of life with a service and new belt, springs, and grommets. For £ 140 it will sound much better, and we will also check out your cartridge/stylus. You dont notice the performance reducing over the years but you will certainly notice the improvement when it suddenly sounds so much better.  

lp12 maple

There are also several Linn LP12 Upgrades available:

Subchassis,  the new Kore at £ 750 is a big improvement in clarity and dynamics Cartridge will depend on the arm, Linn Adikt £ 399, Dynavector 20X2 at £ 649 or many other options. Your existing cartridge can be inspected and cleaned for £40. If worn the £40 is then allowed against a new cartridge purchase of over £ 100. You can't have £40 off a £30 cartridge! 


Two tempting bundle offers from Rega:

All Rega's cd players and amplifiers have had wonderful reviews from every magazine. The Apollo-R and Brio-R combination not only sounds

rega apollo

great, it is also great value at £ 549 for the Apollo and £ 598 for the latest model brio. So it's even better with this special offer of the pair for £ 1049

  The new Saturn-R cd and Elicit-R amplifier have also had amazing press including amplifier of the year. Solidly precision engineered in Southend these have had universal acclaim.

Hifi Choice said " First class timing, plenty of power, massive musicality" Each part represents terrific value at £ 1598 each, £ 2999 for both is even better!

rega elicit


USED OFFERS, or should I say pre-loved??  

Used equipment is now in a new part of our Catalogue, above right.

The layout is easier to navigate, all for you, enjoy browsing


Trade-in Offer:

Time to change those old speakers to a new pair and hear just how much performance has progressed? I have had clients in recently with elderly Kef, Castles, and Linns. I loved them all back then, but when you listen to the new versions you immediately realise that 15 years of new materials and technology have made an enormous difference. As Victor Meldrew would say " You won't belieeeve it!"

This little rant was inspired by comparing Linn Keilidhs, Kans, and Kabers to Linn Majik 109 (£985) and Kef R700 (£1999) speakers. There is a world of difference. Part of that might be that the 10-20 year old ones could be wearing out, but most of it is the amount of improvement gained from new materials, new engineering, and the fact that Linn and Kef engineers haven't been idle for 20 years! These guys dont change for no reason, the Linn Array system gives gorgeous high frequencies no previous series can match, even isobariks or keltiks. This doesn't make yours any worse, but let's face it, time has moved on

And if you fancy a speaker upgrade also check out the Kef R range. It is very special, options from £ 600 to £ 2750/pair, most popular are the R300, £ 999, R500. £ 1499 and R700, £ 1999

To help you along there are now trade-in subsidies on most Kef R series speakers and you can claim between £100 and £ 275 minimum against a brand new pair of Kef R series. For R300 claim £ 100, R500 claim £ 150, R700 claim £ 200, R900 claim £275

Often special deals are to interest you in speakers that aren't doing well but this is a real reduction from the best performing speakers in the price range.

These figures apply to any old pair of working speakers. If you have something more valuable we may offer more, drop us a line and let me know what you have using Contact Us above