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Fancy a pair of Kef LS50 wireless but £2k a bit of a stretch of the old funds?

Then keep quiet and listen to this: Kef have some B stock, that's a return from an online sale because the client changed his mind. While they are described as 'might have blemishes' I have found virtually nothing and they sound the same as a £ 2000 pair and come with the same warranty. The great part is that you get to keep £ 500!

I bought 12 pairs and there are now only 2 left, all in the black with blue finish, call in for a listen

Rega Bundle Offers

The Brio amplifier with the RX1 speakers comes to £ 1398, take the combination home for just £ 1198

The Elex-r amplifier with the RX5 speakers comes to £ 2647, take the combination home for just £ 2299

Give us a call to arrange a listen to either, or both, of these recommended combinations

Linn LP12 turntables benefit massively from a good service every few years. If you have a cherished Sondek then treat it to a new lease of life with a service and new belt, springs, and grommets. For £ 140 it will sound much better, and we will also check out your cartridge/stylus. You dont notice the performance reducing over the years but you will certainly notice the improvement when it suddenly sounds so much better.  

lp12 maple

There are also quite a few Linn LP12 Upgrades available:

Subchassis,  the new Kore at £ 750 is a big improvement in clarity and dynamics

Tonearm, the Ekos SE is a beautiful piece of real precision engineering, £ 3999

call in to look in awe!

Cartridge choice will depend on the arm, Linn Adikt £ 449, Dynavector 20X2 at £ 649, Linn Krystal at £ 1199 or even the incredible Kandid, £ 3200 please. Your existing cartridge can alsobe inspected and cleaned for £40.

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