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If you need small flat speakers with a big big sound then you have to choose Kef.

Kef make speakers to suit all budgets. They have with big sounds from very compact cabinets. For more than 50 years Kef have been a leading manufacturer.

When the Kef T series was launched it was greeted with some surprise. A flat speaker narrower than an A4 page has no right to be the best sound for the price. New magnet technology made it possible, so clever are these that you could take 5 minutes to check out more about them:

Click this link:  KEF T Series

OR this one for more technical explanations T Series Technical


KEF t205



There are 3 packages in the range. All speakers are the same depth and width, with 2 different heights. Five of the smaller speakers with the matching subwoofer comes to £ 1200. Change to 3 longer models for the front with the smaller rears and the total comes to £ 1500. Changing to the longest all round comes to £ 1700.

Packages with a matching amplifier:

Marantz NR1607 £599 with Kef T105 £1200, save £ 50 £ 1749 package

 Marantz NR1607 £599 with Kef T205 £1500, save £ 100 £ 1999 package 

Marantz SR6010 £ 799 with Kef T305 £1700 save £200, £ 2199 package



If the budget wasnt meant to stretch to that then Kef have introduced a new starting level, the E series


Famous for their little 'egg' speakers, the newest version of these are just £ 899, and they are the best sounding surround package sub £1000, no contest

Also available with a package discount with a Marantz NR1607, £ 599, save £ 50, £1449 complete

All Kef tiny speakers are available with floor stands or for wall mounting