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 The new Rega Saturn cd and Elicit amplifier combination is simply fantastic! £ 1598 each or £ 2999 for the pair

rega saturn3


It is beautifully made, solid as a rock, and has a sound that gives power, punch, and sweet delicacy to the most difficult of discs.

If you want to upgrade your cd player you must check this one out

rega elicit

The matching Elicit-R amplifier is just as impressive. Massive power with ease and an elegant simplicity, and you don't have to just take my word for it, What Hifi also gave it an award as the best at the price

This pair can work with different speakers, Rega recommend their own RS7s, but also check out the Kef R700s. They sound great with the Regas


To Stream or not to Stream?

Is that the question? Or is that debate over?

Not just yet as many people want to retain the simplicity of putting on a disc, vinyl or cd. Personally I haven't played a cd at home for ages. My streamer, Linn Akurate, sounds far better, is more convenient, and as a result I listen to more music.

 Naimndx front 3-4

While there have been discussions and heated debates about cd vs streaming, as streaming has been improving I think it is now accepted that streaming rules the performance agenda.

( See the article in Music/Geeks for some more technical opinion)

So as we head upwards in sound quality we use the superiority of Linn DS streaming.

The Linn Majik DSM has a streamer and amplifier in one box, connected to a NAS drive at one end and speakers at the other. The 'open' nature of Linn means that you have a wide choice of how you prefer to control it.

Android, iphone, ipad, pc, mac, laptop, KindleFire, all can work with either Linn's or 3rd party software.

Uniting the latest and best from Linn in one elegantly engineered case, Majik DSM delivers a dramatic new standard of specialist performance from a one-box system.

Partner this amazing little box with Majik 109 speakers for great sound at £ 3950, or move on to the 140 speakers for a terrific system at £ 4600, but allow another £ 200-600 with either for control, a NAS drive, and install if needed. 

Want a good comparison? Check out the Naim option, SuperUniti or separates from the ND5X or NDX.I won't tell you which to prefer, let your ears decide. This Naim SuperUniti with Kef R300s comes to you for £ 4350, even better with the R500s for a £4850 system.

Speaker Options?

Check out the brand new Rega RX5 speakers, £ 1698, but oh my!



Also in this price range are the KEF R700s. With drive units derived from their high end Blade speakers these are brilliant at just about everything. Open, easy, punchy, with a mighty low end bass these are just superb! £ 1999 in 4 beautiful finishes, gloss black, gloss white, walnut, and rosewood. Click the green link for more info