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Kef Reference 3 now instock, and a cracking new subwoofer, the RF 92 at £ 1999

Kef rf 92

Kef Blade2s are now available to lust over and listen to at Lyric Hifi!

kef blade

Absolutely gorgeous in both form and function, these are one of the greatest ever speakers, a true icon of the state of the art


NEW R Series is here and it's great!

Most models look the same, or very similar, but they really aren't!

The new models are R3 bookshelf at £1300, R5 slim floorstanders at £ 1999, R7 floorstanders with deeper bass at £ 2599 and the Flagship R11s at £ 3999. I'm listening to the big ones just now and they are superb. Give me a call if you want to have a listen too!


The KEF LS50 has been one of the most important speakers of the past 5 years

This is an engineer-led design with unrivalled performance at the price, and there is still little around that can come close

So an additional active and wireless version is very interesting

kef ls50 wireless W

Two speakers, built-in power amplifiers, one wire between them, mains powered, controlled from your tablet or phone, this could be all the hifi system you need.

LS50 wireless looks good and sounds superb, £ 1999 per pair, now playing in the shop

For an in-depth analysis follow this link to an American review by Darko, who has made them his 'Product of the Year'

LS50 Wireless Review

If the review is too heavy just call in here for a listen

kef ls50 w blue


The Kef Reference range stands for the ultimate performance.

Projects such as the amazing Muon and Blades showcase new technology which then filters into the main ranges.

That's good as Muons are £ 160,000 and Blades £ 20,000 so they don't apply to most people, until now.

The R series was the first to use Blade technology and they are outstanding performance and value I have really been looking forward to the updated Reference series.

kef ref white

There are three new models to salivate over

Imaginatively named model One, Three, and Five these cover a price range from £6500 to £ 15000

The £6500 Model Ones are bookshelf/stand mount speakers featuring an all new Uni-Q unit with the treble placed in the centre of the midrange to give a wide an even room dispersion of high and midrange frequencies along with great precision. This matched with a 6.5" bass unit which packs a real punch and depth.

kef ref 1

The Reference 3s are a slim floorstanding version featuring the same mid/treble and 2 of the 6.5" aluminium bass units, £10500

The larger cabinet extends the bass performance while retaining a large spread of sound from the latest Blade derived mid/treble unit

kef ref colours

Pictured left to right, walnut finish, gloss black, rosewood, gloss white all Ref 3, then Reference 5

The Reference 5s are another slim floorstander featuring the same mid/treble and 4 of the 6.5" bass units, £15,000

kef ref range

The detailing and finish of these new speakers are superb. You will be  really impressed when you see, touch, and especially hear them. There are also matching centre speakers and a subwoofer if you want to use Reference in a surround set-up.

Reference 3 now on demonstration, give me a call if you want to know more.



Fabulous black and white shape....and a car 

Resize Wizard-1

These are the Kef Blades, the pure concept that became a reality, now available at Lyric Hifi

To audition these unique speakers use the contact us tab above 




KEF have won the loudspeaker of the year from What Hifi, again!


This year it is the turn of the limited edition £ 799 LS50

Now on dem, and we love them! 


These are the new LS50 Studio Monitor performance compact speakers from Kef. Released as a limited edition to celebrate 50 years in business these use technology from the cutting edge Blade speakers to give true studio clarity at a normal affordable cost. Available in black or black there will only be 500 pairs. Grab a piece of history to enjoy for many years, book yours now, only £ 500 each or 2 for £799!

Since writing that Kef have decided that these are far far too good to limit to 500 lucky owners, they now have thousands of lucky owners !

Want to know more? Click the link below for technical info

LS50 Design