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Naim News

New Naim Unitis are here!

Well most of them

The Uniti Atom and Nova are both on dem and supplying now, the Star looks like it will be January.

The new Unitis are beautifully finished and very tasty looking pieces of kit

The Atom, priced at £1999, is a half size box but packs real punch

naim uniti atom

The Nova is the daddy of the new range, again beautiful to behold it also lifts the sound to a higher level than the Atom.

Which it should of course for £4199, or £ 4349 with a DAB radio

Give me a call if you want to have a listen, beware, you'll love it.

naim uniti nova

The Uniti Star sits between these two and also features a cd player at £ 3499, or £ 3649 including a DAB radio


The Naim Muso has been with us for over a year now and we love it. It's a joy to use, beautifully made, and sounds great, £995

So news of a little brother , MusoQb, now £ 649 is excellent. Same gorgeous finish and build integrity in a scaled down box. At only 8" or 20cm cubed, Qb, it really can slot in anywhere.

Now playing instore, find out more by clicking this video link: Michael on the Muso Qb

naim muso qb


Treat your old Naim power amp to an upgrade, no effort.

While a full service will give a big lift in performance £ 270-440, you can also have a simple Cap upgrade which applies to all power amps and hicap power supplies for not big money, £ 95-140. This immediately sounds much better.

Also changing the Naim 4 pin or 5 pin DIN interconnect to a new one reaps rich sonic rewards for only £119, money back if not satisfied

It's a safe bet for me, you will want it !


I know we go on about the Linn streaming, they did start it in high quality, however we also love the Naim streamers. Different in approach, they allow Apple iPad control seamlessly and sound great.

Naim start with the £ 1325 UnitiQute, which can be used as a complete one box system or added to your existing Naim system as an extra source to ease you into streaming for. Often people are sceptical about changing from cd to streaming, this little box will change your mind.

naim unitiqute

The next move up the range is to the UnitiLite which adds a cd player and more power for £ 2050.


While a great solution for many people UnitiLite doesnt add anything to an existing system. For that you would use UnitiQute or else go up in sound performance to the separate ND5XS at £2350  or the NDX at £ 3575.

Naimndx front 3-4


All four of these options are currently available for demonstration. As always the separate streamers can be further improved by adding a power supply. XP5XS at £ 1770 or XPS at £ 3750 both offer a significant boost.


Big news from Naim, literally. A new no holds barred pre and power amplifier combination, absolutely gorgeous and stunning. Check out the blog Section, Naim Statement.


Since returning to supplying new Naim equipment we have had more Naim clients upgrading to the new improved models. The logical corollary to this is that we have more used Naim gear in the store. Check out the list in the Offers/Prices section where there is a Used section towards the bottom with great prices on pre-owned Naim


Naim Audio in Belfast at Lyric Hifi

Back in 1980 Naim Audio was one of the strongest supporters of the fledgling Lyric Hifi. The famous Linn/Naim Isobarik system was the finest music system available and the sun shone on a diet of vinyl music, beer in the Club Bar and lasagne in Ciro's restaurant in Gt Victoria St. Yes I am that old!  Not only are Linn Isobariks back, Naim is back too!

Due to changes in Naim distribution policy we supplied very few products for the past 8 years, although still maintaining strong links by carrying out full Naim service support.

Now the situation has changed again, and Naim are back. First on dem are the Uniti products. UnitiLite, pictured below, is a one-box music solution with cd player, radio, streamer and amplifier all in one cool box. Amazing value at only £ 1995 and now on demonstration.


Other Naim products to follow soon, I have already supplied some UnitiQutes and they really are Qute, and sound really good, if a little low powered. The £ 1330 version is the new starter level, careful with choice of speaker, or go an extra £ 700 for the UnitiLite, well worth it!

naim unitiqute

 Above this there are two more one-box solutions, Uniti2 with cd player at £ 3135 and SuperUniti at £ 3785

To take Naim streaming into your existing system we can also demonstrate how this works and how cool it is. Separate streamers/network players start from £ 2360 for the ND5XS, then sound even better with the NDX at £ 3600 and NDS at £ 6795


Full price list now in the catalogue

 Email with what you fancy and you could be pleasantly surprised  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.