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So moving up to £1000+ the options become really interesting. In my opinion this is where real hifi begins. More options with proper separates from specialist  manufacturers, and now you can also have a proper streaming system in this price range:


Rega systems

Currently on the crest of wave of great reviews for great new additions to the range, Rega can give you a matched cd/amp compact floorstanding speakers

Rega can do no wrong just now, everything they design is brilliant, and every review backs this up

The Brio-R amplifier with Apollo-R cd player is usually £ 1098, there is currently an offer at £ 999 for the pair, no brainer.

Rega electronics and turntables match with a wide range of speakers, the Kef LS50 is highly recommended by every magazine example at £ 799 and the new Rega RX1s at the same price are an obvious choice. The RX1s also have a gorgeous walnut finish

For larger rooms compare a floorstander such as the £ 699 Kef Q500 or even the RX3/R500 at £ 1298/1499

 Look at the Rega news page for more product details



Streaming your music with Linn and Naim

Better than cd quality and easy access and control. The Linn Sneaky DS is a streaming amplifier that gives you a full system in one box, just add speakers.

Call in for a demonstration, you will not be disappointed, you will be amazed.

Matched with various speakers you can get started from £ 1300, of course Linn will recommend their fantastic Majik109 bookshelf speakers!

 You will still manage change from £ 2000, but only just


Linn Sneaky Music DS, £999, add storage, control and speakers.

Speakers shown are the the Linn Majik109 at £ 935/pair, one of a number of ideal partners for the DS

Others used include the slimline Linn Uniks at £ 280/pr, KefQ300 at £ 450, Q Acoustics at £ 189, and even the KefR100/R300 at £ 599/£999


The Naim UnitQute is, as the name suggests, very cute.naim unitiqute

An obvious competitor for the Linn Sneaky, it also includes inputs for external devices, cd, turntable, tv, etc, and is packaged in a beautifully finished solid case for £ 1295.

Matched with a range of speakers as above it sounds excellent, put it on the possibles list.