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Hifi Systems up to £ 1000


One box or Separates or Streaming??

One box gives you a lot for the money in one neat box but doesnt sound as good as the separates. A Marantz separate cd and amplifier will sound better. Streaming is the way forward in terms of access to music, will sound best from lossless cd rips, bit of a culture change but worth it. Sonos starts well under £1000, Linn massively better but starts around £1500 complete


One box systems can do so much these days, but many of them still sound a bit ropey. WE DONT DO THE ROPEY ONES!

The new Marantz MCR 611 works well

It gives cd, radio, internet radio, napster, usb, and music streaming and sounds like a proper hifi system, almost,  when matched with the right speakers.

The MCR611 is great value at £ 349, complete with Q Acoustics speakers from £ 539, I'll even include speaker cables

It is more popular in all black but easier to see in a photo in the silver/black!


This  next system is such good value it deserves a strong recommendation and it's only a little more!

Marantz have won WHAT HIFI Awards for their 6000 series cd and amplifier for 5 or 6 years now.

Every update squeezes out a little more performance and the latest iteration is no exception

They really are the best at the price, here is a video about them winning an award

Marantz European Award

Pair these with the little Q Acoustics 3020 and you have a cracking system under £1000



Ipod users can put their music collection to using a streaming system

Options from Denon and Sonos at £ 399 matched with a good pair of speakers can get you up and running from as little as £ 580

Take a Sonos/Denon Amp and a pair of Q 300 to transform your listening experience for £ 850

Streaming from your pc/mac, Internet radio, and even Spotify/Napster/Tidal are all easily available

Start your 21st Century hifi system with this and you won't be disappointed

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