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Arcam Night, Cinema and Stereo 

Excellent night, thanks to Mick Neal from Arcam is coming to visit us.

 The flagship A49 Class G integrated amplifier at £ 3999 sounds superb fed with the new Arcam rPlay streamer and then the Linn Akurate DS into the Kef Reference 3 loudspeakers. We keep all these in stock and can let you hear them anytime, just give us a call to arrange it.

For an amazing home cinema we used a big Arcam amplifier running a Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 cinema set up using 10 Kef speakers and a mighty Velodyne 15" subwoofer, boom boom boom!

Again drop me a line to experience a set-up like this


For many years the Arcam Solo range was one of the top performing all-in-one solutions. After a year's gap two new Solos has been announced.

Solo Music has a cd player, radio,  80w stereo amplifier and can stream music all for £ 1250. If you want to have your tv sound through it that's easy too as it has HDMI in and out.


Want to have surround sound? The Solo Movie adds to the above by playing dvd and blu-ray and then having a 5 channel 50w amplifier again all in one box for £ 2000

Both products look like winners to me, now on dem, very happy to recommend them, see Blogs

AND ANOTHER NEW SOLO, a Movie 2.1 blu ray and amp at £ 1499


Arcam's cd players have always given super sound and super value. The latest iteration does all this with a twist. The new CDS27 is a cd player and a streamer! For £ 699 you have Arcam's famous dac technology and an introduction to streaming while retaining the ability to keep using your cd collection. Great idea, now on dem


To prove what a big difference the new amplifiers make here is a message from a happy client: 


I have set up my new Arcam AVR 450, biwiring the front and centre speakers as you suggested and connected everything else up.

It is brilliant - such a step up from the previous AVR 300. Currently streaming off my NAS drive using bubbleUPNP on android to control the music. Everything is taking a new lease of life.


Will try film later tonight - can't wait.



This guy has been delighted with his AVR300 for about 10 years and is even more delighted with the new one!