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Save up to £1000

Superb trade-in offer just started for Arcam AV amplifier owners. If you own an Arcam av surround amplifier you probably already know how long they last.

Some just refuse to die! 

Arcam have now been making surround amps for 25 years and to celebrate this we are trying to get your old one off the market by offering a generous trade-in in deal. The latest 3 Arcam av amps are £ 1999, 2699 and £ 4499 but for a limited period you can buy one of these for £ 1499, 1949 or £ 3499 saving £500, £ 750, or £ 1000

You do actually need to be an Arcam owner and actually have an amp to trade-in!!




All change at Arcam !

But they say it's staying the same, only better.

Arcam has been acquired by Harman International, owners of Harman Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson, Revel, Synthesis and Lexicon.

And in turn Harman is owned by Samsung

The upshot of all this is that this 'specialist product group' will now be run in the UK by Arcam Sales so they will be trying to have us stock all the above lines. Mmmmmaybe not!

Also Arcam's clever av amplifier designs could appear in the next generation Lexicon product

Also if Arcam go into lower cost AV then it could be made by Harman

Also Arcam could design new Harman Kardon AV amps as HK are a bit in the doldrums just now.

Also there will very soon be new Arcam stereo amps

Watch this space

Arcam Cinema Night

Excellent night, thanks to Mick Neal from Arcam is coming to visit us.


For an amazing home cinema we used a big Arcam amplifier running a Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 cinema set up using 10 Kef speakers and a mighty Velodyne 15" subwoofer, boom boom boom!

Drop me a line to experience a set-up like this


To prove what a big difference the Arcam new amplifiers make here is a message from a happy client: 


I have set up my new Arcam AVR 450, biwiring the front and centre speakers as you suggested and connected everything else up.

It is brilliant - such a step up from the previous AVR 300. Currently streaming off my NAS drive using bubbleUPNP on android to control the music. Everything is taking a new lease of life.


Will try film later tonight - can't wait.



This guy has been delighted with his AVR300 for about 10 years and is even more delighted with the new one!