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It was the late 80s when we started doing interest free credit . You paid half deposit and wrote out 6 post-dated cheques for the balance. When my dad retired he looked after all of that for me for many years. Happy Days !

Today's finance has more options for you- longer term with interest, buy now pay later- we can do all of these for you, however simple interest free is a great way to break the back of a purchase to help you enjoy what you really want. If you aspire to a better sound then this brings it within reach.

Look at the latest high level Rega equipment, the Planar10 turntable and the Aethos amplifier, £ 4499 and £ 2995.

Rega pl10

The Planar 10 is gorgeous and sounds amazing too! Instead of finding the full £4499 you can pay any deposit from £900 up and spread the rest over up to 24 months.

So £ 900 will leave 24 months at £ 149.95 or 18 at £199.95 Double the deposit to £ 1800 and the balance can be cleared with 12 by £224.90 or 24 by £112.45

rega aethos angle


Such is demand for the new Aethos that we are running up to a month behind on deliveries, yet we will still offer interest free help to get you there!  £2995?

Make that £ 595 and 24 by £ 100 or 12 by £ 200, sound affordable now?

The same offers apply to most of what we recommend from Linn, Kef, Naim, Arcam etc

That means that you can have a new Linn Sondek LP12 for a little less than the Aethos,

an Akurate level LP12 for £ 1500 and 24 by £ 229.58

or a full blown Klimax LP12 for £ 3999 deposit and 36 months of £ 407 !

Linn Klimax LP12 Front

Don't forget that you might also have a trade-in of your existing gear to add to your deposit

What would you really like, Linn Selekt? Linn Exakt? Kef R series or Reference?

A Cinema installed?

A Naim Uniti Nova or a NAP250DR?

It's closer than you thought!

Drop me a line with what you're interested in and what you want to trade-in and I'll work out a price for you

Best Wishes