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Amplifiers are the heart of any system.

Every part of your hifi system is important, source first of course, but your amplifier has a difficult set of tasks. It must nurture a tiny signal from the sources, switch them silently, multiply the signal without adding or subtracting and then drive loudspeakers of varying impedances evenly across a wide frequency response.

No wonder amplifiers can run to thousands of pounds, this is not easy!

£ 379.00 each REGA Io
£ 599.00 each Rega Brio-R
£ 1,149.00 each Naim Audio Nait 5si
£ 2,199.00 each Naim Audio Nait XS 3
£ 1,679.00 each Rega Elicit-R
£ 6,399.00 each Rega Osiris
£ 525.00 each Cyrus One
£ 999.00 each Cyrus One HD
£ 2,999.00 each REGA AETHOS
£ 3,999.00 each Linn Selekt DSM
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