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KEF Summer Promotion

The fantastic LSX Wireless speaker system has 5 Star reviews at £ 999 so a special offer to save £ 150 is great news. £ 849 while stocks last!

Find out about the LSX

A Great Vinyl and Bluetooth System for £ 1099

So if you've been looking at turntables at all you should know that the Rega Planar 1 recieves award after award and is by far the best turntable under £ 300. Now Rega have done it again with an award winning amplifier, the Io. Later in 2021 Rega will add matching speakers to make a £ 1099 system so we thought why wait? Take a pr of £ 499 Kef Q350 OR the now available Rega Kytes, add 2 by 5m of QED speaker cables and a Bluetooth reciever and even though it should be £1200 we will charge you just £ 1099 !

And what can you do for a little more ?

The £ 1099 system has done so well that we've added how to improve it.

Source first is best, retrieve more detail from your records. If you dont get the information out of that vinyl groove no amp or speakers can bring it back

Changing the Planar 1 to the Planar 2 adds a heavy glass platter and a better tonearm and takes the total to £ 1225 

Take the most famous Rega turntable of all, the Planar 3 with factory fitted Elys cartridge and the system sound even better, £ 1450

Now it's time to look at a better amplifier, the Rega Brio-r will provide more detail, more punch, and more bass weight and brings the total now to £ 1649

Now I really wish that I could slot in the perfect speaker to make this £2000, and I have options that will do that! The issue though is the Kef LS50 Meta. It is so good that it should be the next step even though ot takes the total to £ 2200. Never mind, to ease the pain I'll change the speaker cable to the excellent Linn K20 included in that price!

Also remember that we are set up to let you hear the improvement that each of these steps gives so you can hear what you get for your money.  After lockdown of course!

Majik DSM Trade-in offer

The Linn Majik DSM has been one of our top selling streamer amplifier combinations of the past 10 years through a series of upgrades and improvements.

Now there is a completely new Majik DSM. To help you leap to this newest technology we have some very generous trade-ins available.

For a series 1 Majik DS i  allow £ 799, £2200 to change. Series 1 Majik DSM allow £ 999, £ 2000 to change. Series 2 Majik DSM allow £ 1499, £ 1500 to change, and for a Series 3 majik DSM allow £ 1799, £ 1200 to change

And to make it even easier put the balance on Interest Free Credit over 10 months


Rega Bundle Offers

The Brio amplifier with the RX1 speakers comes to £ 1398, take the combination home for just £ 1198

The Elex-r amplifier with the RX3 speakers comes to £ 2248, take the combination home for just £ 1999

Then make it even easier to afford with a deposit of 25-50% and the balance over 10 months with 0% Interest

Give us a call to arrange a listen to either, or both, of these recommended combinations


Below is the amazing Elicit-r amplifier at £ 1679, except it's not if you buy the matching Rega Saturn cd player 

The Saturn-r cd player is also £ 1679 but the two together are just £ 2999 instead of £ 3350


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