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This page is under wiring development, soon with titanium connections

 Sam Anderson is an electrician with a difference. His encyclopedic knowledge of wiring is used to wring the last ounce of performance from your equipment.

He knows the real differences between cables and has the practical ability to cable your hifi room, surround system, cinema, multi-room, or heating and lighting system to give the top results.  In fact pretty much anything that you attach to the mains


Wiring correctly means following the rules, unfortunately most electricians don't know what the rules are! Or maybe they think it's just easier to take shortcuts and once everything is plastered no-one will know the difference. That might be true of a light switch but receiving all the performance you paid for in your music or film system means running and ter minating good cables properly. Not beside mains, not stretched, and not patched.

Usually the wiring is straightforward once the design is right. That means considering all the possibilities before you start. An extra cable here or there is no big deal money wise once I'm on-site anyway, and not penny-pinching on this stage makes your choices later so much simpler.

What do you want to connect? Most people think of the obvious but the options these days are endless. Do you want to watch your movies in any room? iPlayer? Music from a server? Is that to sound good or just MP3?

These days all is possible, the advent of smart phones gives us more control than ever and also gives us more to think about!

You don't need to be as obsessive as me, let's keep this simple-

1 You need to meet with Michael to discuss what you want and where you want it. Your plans or a sketch for a one room project are needed to move to the next stage.


2 We will build a template of your project to let us tailor your needs to your budget

3 Agree products by demonstration

4 I will run the best cables neatly and hidden to the best locations. It's in my own best interest to fulfil this I could well be back to finish the job! 

5 Ross and I will do the final install, tuning, calibration and show you how it all works. 



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send Sam a cable or wiring question or to start out a specification for your new project