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Full Cinema, £ 4500 to £ 10000

£ 4,500.00 each

Themescene and Epson are reputable manufacturers with projectors that fit the bill in this price range. There are others, major manufacturers who I won't name here, that my experience has shown that while they make ok products their reliability and back up is really poor. So I just wont sell them.

Currently the Epson 7100 at £ 1595 is my favourite, although this can change depending what deals are currently available.

This will work well with a 7' foot wide screen, and could stretch to a bit more

If you really want to go above 7'6, 8 or even 9' wide then you must look at the Epson 9400 at £ 2549. It is outstanding, better than anything else at the price.

The sound is crucial to your enjoyment so lets use a really good amplifier, the Marantz NR1711 fits the bill for £699.

The blu ray has less effect so you can also save a bit with a simple Panasonic for under £100. For better music performance you can add a decent cd player, streamer, or even a turntable

The speakers are also important and the KEF T105 five speaker and subwoofer package is great for £ 1199, the T205 is even better for another £ 500

Depending on the exact size of screen this parts list will come in at £4500 to £ 7000

Although our starting level, we can thoroughly recommend it and you won't find a better matched system at anywhere near this price. 

You can certainly buy these parts and put them together yourself. You will need a decent ceiling bracket, cheap nasty ones are horrible to work with and dont stay straight, and good hdmi and speaker cables. It depends on the room size/layout, we can supply the correct cables to match the system.

If you don't want to install yourself, as many don't, we will do a neat professional job for you.

To cost this exactly we will need to look at your room, a good guess would be from £ 6000 installed and handing you the remotes.

This brings me to another point, the place you need a little luxury.

You will have a remote for the screen, projector, blu ray, amplifier, and either a recorder/iplayer box or a sky box or a virgin box.

Five or six remotes? A good, intuitive, reliable, simple remote programmed is so much better, almost essential, from £ 600.

This means that you press the Sky button and the system will drop the screen, turn on the projector, amplifier, and blu ray and put it on the correct input. Simple. Select blu ray and all the switching happens, effortlessly.

It's that last little piece of luxury, from £ 7000 ish to 10k, job done

While all these costs are achievable a survey of your room is necessary to confirm install and programming costs. Equipment hidden in cabinets may also need extra modules to remote control reliably.

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