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Main room surround and 3 rooms of music, £ 3500 to £ 6500

£ 3,500.00 each

Lets split this into smaller sections to explain some options:

 First the main room surround sound.

To have a real surround system you need a separate amplifier and a good speaker package. Easy to say, but prices can range from £ 1300 to many thousands, or even tens of! if you are going to do it then do it right, a good surround system starts at £ 1300

  Here are three surround systems and we will then look at options to add 3 music rooms by ceiling speakers.

 System One, a great intro:

The Kef E305 'egg' speakers are available in black or white and outperform all at the price. Match with a decent sounding amplifier that works on music and movies, I recommend the Marantz NR1605 at £599 to create a great sound that can't be beaten at £ 1498

 System Two, mounting options:

 For a little more you can move up in sound and also make the system more discreet. The super flat T205 package will sit alongside your flat screen, available in black or white. Match with a variety of amplifiers to give a package at £ 2100-2400

 At the same price you can have excellent ceiling mounted speakers, and by using one of our recommended amplifiers that feature a measured room acoustic measuring system we can guarantee as good a sound

System Three,  sounding seriously good:

Keep your choice of speakers in section two, they are good enough, and up the ante with a specilaist amplifier for a big improvement in clarity, especially noticeable at low to medium volumes. Options from Arcam and Anthem make the package £ 2700 to £ 2999.

 Add three rooms of music;

 This could be kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, or change one of these to outside, and the price will be from £ 2060. This price is excluding vat as this can be vat free in a new build home as a system which is part of the fabric of the building. This also allows you to play the music system through the main room system with the same easy to use interface.

 Upping the performance in clarity of the speakers can take this up to £ 2750, though you can just improve the most important room to arrive at a price between.

 More rooms can be added to this, this is an example of a popular choice.

  These prices do not include the first fix wiring and final installation costs which we are happy to do. For this we need to see your plans to look at routes and also to know what else we are installing/controlling in the system, dvd/bluray/sky/virgin/tv etc 

To top it off:

For your main room with a tv/amp/sky/blu ray you have 4 remotes. For a little piece of sense and luxury let us install a control system remote to make the main room simple and intuitive to use everyday. From £ 750 depending on layout and what needs to be controlled.