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What's going on with pre and power amps?

OK, pay attention- Every integrated amp has a PRE, the input, switching, and volume part, AND a POWER, the big current multiplying part, in one box BUT, when you get to a certain performance level manufacturers split the sensitive, delicate, low voltage preamplifier parts from the brutal high voltage power amplifiers to avoid interference.

Also the two parts need different types of power supply, the pre needs a steady smooth supply while the power needs the ability to deliver great increases in power instantly when an artist bangs a drum or an explosion happens

So the higher level amps are preamplifiers and power amplifiers in two boxes and you need both. Further nuances, you can sometimes have an integrated that can take a power amp add on and be reconfigured to work as a pre. Also some preamplifiers now have the streamer built-in to shorten signal paths and achieve the highest performance.

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