The best just got better!

Linn Klimax has added a new technology called Organik

This is unique, the result of a research project taking years

Organik refers to the dac technology where it is carried out in a reprogammable and upgradeable array 

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The delicate signal is kept in the digital domain right through the crossovers resulting in a large improvement in dynamics and clarity

You then need a digital to analogue converter for each drive unit so 6 in each speaker!

Here is a link to find out more about Exakt

What Exakt can do for you



People take years upgrading to this one stage at a time, here's how to do it in one hit

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Klimax DSM Exakt Organik streamer and Klimax 350A Exakt speakers

Pay me £78,000 and it will all magically appear in your home in around 4 weeks!



And for that you get 2 speakers!