Tabletop Solutions:

For a set down all in one music system we recommend the Ruark Audio R4. Cd player and DAB/FM/Inter net radio in one elegant case.

The latest version drops the previous dock and adds bluetooth for wireless connectivity, sounds great for £ 699

ruark R4 white

There is also a non cd ver sion called R2 for just £ 419, this also drops the dock but adds wireless, internet radio and bluetooth

ruark r2 wal


Sonos have tabletop solutions for streaming music and radio from £ 199

Play 1, £ 199




NEW Play5, £ 499

 With any of these you simply connect Sonos to your wifi and control it from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simples!

If your wifi isnt good add the new Sonos Boost at £ 79, sorted