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Full Cinema 4K £10,000 to £20,000

£ 11,500.00 each

At this level you can have everything...

4k projectors, a brilliant screen, and amazing sound for music and movies.

Here is an example of a system we have installed

Projector: Sony VW 550ES 4K, £ 8999.  A brilliant projector taking 4k performance levels to sub10k for the projector

Amplifier: Anthem MRX 520, £ 1649  Anthem's state of the art processing along with beefy power amplifiers makes this a great choice. Compare to the Arcam AVRs depending on speaker choice

Blu ray player: Oppo 103, £ 495 For a large screen like this the Oppo/Arcam are the best

Speaker package: Kef R700 fronts, R600 centre, R 800DS rears, R400 subwoofer, £ 4900 complete 

This Kef package outperforms some speakers at twice the price, and the finishes are superb whether high gloss black/white or the walnut/rosewood.

For a great sounding package for a little less pair the R500 fronts with the R200 centre and T series rears and sub, £ 3050 

Screen 8'6" wide with a deep velvet border £ 1785   People often forget how important a good screen is for the picture, as well as for the finished look.

This level is luxurious, other good options also available from us, check size and ask for a quote

Control: £ 600-900 A good remote is not a complicated one. It is the final touch that makes everything simple to use.

Select Sky or TV or Blu ray and the projector powers up, the screen drops and the amplifier goes to the right input, simple.

I love the Pro remote range, simple and reliable. Options from £ 600-900 plus programming 


The parts total for this system comes to 18500 before we add brackets, cables and installation, £20,000 complete?


So let's specify a full 4K projection installation keeping the total of the lower end of the range

Sony's new VPL320 is a no-brainer choice at £ 6350, it is superb

The Kef R series are too good to ignore so let's use them on the front and save on the rears and subwoofer with slimline units, £ 3050

The screen is still important, budget for £1100 for 7.5-9' horizontal motorised and for a bluray player there are suitable options from £99-500

We still want this to be luxurious to use so allow £ 800 for a Pro Remote

Our total here is around £ 12000 not including cables and installation

The results are awesome, everyone in the family will love it.


To fix the final installed cost we will need to do a site visit, measure up, and look at the cable routes.

Drop me a line to arrange this:

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