Lutron, Rako, Siemens, Jung, KNX

We work along with various dimming systems with different strenghts to bring the best solutions a wide range of projects and styles of finish.

From a one room cinema or living room to a whole house project with pathway and event timing we can design and specify the right dimming system for your needs.

Which brand to choose depends on the size of the system, how you want to control it, and of course budget.

All of these systems interface with various home control systems or can be stand alone.

Our expertise is not only in the technical side of making it work, that's a given, but also in the helpful advice we give to identify the correct solution for your project.

That's the starting point, your design, your project and what you want to achieve.

Is it to be integrated into a control system throughout a house?

Just in some areas?

Control from outside the house?

Scene setting across the house?

Control by switch, ipad, iphone, android?

All is possible, we are here to specify the right solution for you and take you right through to final install, programming, and handing you the controls

Lutron Residential


Rako Lighting Integration