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Integrated Streaming Systems

These will feature an amplfier and streamer in one neat box and then a pair of speakers. Performance above cd quality with the convenience of one box and no wires.

What's not to love? Great options are available from Cyrus, Linn and Naim


The Naim UnitiQute and UnitiLite will both work with a wide range of speakers and sound punchy and dynamic

 unitilite1naim unitiqute

Both options, £ 1295 and £1995 match with a wide range of speakers, but especially try the Kef LS50 , £ 799, and the Rega RX3, £ 1298

For use with Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch



For a fully integrated active DS system the new Linn Kiko will get you dancing. Find out more about active in our Geek section, or alternatively call in for a listen and decide for yourself

Kiko System White

Kiko as apackage is £ 2500 including cables, just add a Nas drive and an iphone/ipodtouch/ipad


The latest addition to our range at this price is the Linn Sneaky DSM. At £ 1750 this box gives Linn streaming's ease of use and wide range of control options married to a more powerful amplifier than the standard Sneaky and also an array of inputs for anything you care to mention. The price is kept low by leaving out all buttons, but who needs them when it's all available at a touch on an iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire, iPad mini, full iPad, or any Android tablet, any laptop, etc etc etc 

linn sekritdsmfront


 Matching speakers include Linn's own but also listen to the multi-award winning Kef LS50. They really sing on the end of the Linn. £799/pair is amazing value for these gorgeous speakers

kef ls50 b


Hifi Separates

Prefer a cd based system?,

Rega are very hard to beat just now. Take the Apollo-R/Brio-R cd/amp combination and add the new RX3 speakers. £ 2198 plus cables never sounded so good! See the Rega products page for more information



  Naim Audio can also give you a complete CD solution in this price range. The CD5Si and matching Nait5i may be the stripped down cousins of the range above but they are not stripped down in performance. £ 1870 gives the famous Naim crisp dynamics and detail and still allows enough budget for a great pair of speakers. Also love the mechanical pull out cd tray. Like setting on a record!  I have recently used this combo with the Kef LS50 and Rega RS5s. Both are brilliant, but different, and both keep the total under £3000, just!

naimcd5si-pic1naimnait5i front 10pc