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Sonos have had it all their own way for several years now and every attempted competitor just hasn't cut it, until now. The first serious alternative is Heos by Denon.

Three tabletop models at £ 249, 349, and £ 499 are joined by a wireless streaming amplifier at £ 399 and a Link to allow you to stream through an existing system for just £299

Call in for a listen to check it out. The APP is similar to the Sonos, but different. You get more info from Spotify on Heos but it is simpler on Sonos. Some technical differences will make one or other more suitable for your home.

Intro promo deals now running on the Denon include 20% discount on your second and third purchase

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And if sound quality is your most important criteria then buy the Denon

 Denon AV New Models

 All changed, and they have really gone for the jugular

Denon have a great reputation for av amplifiers over the years and have now come up with a few more high definition stunners!

With seven amplifiers from under £ 300 to over £ 10,000 there is an outstanding Denon amplifier for every budget, but you know that there is always a real star or two to concentrate on:



If you have a cinema surround project coming up then we can help to plan it for you through the maze of terms and features to arrive with a system you will just love.

Our full design and installation service completes the project and gives you peace of mind that it’s been done properly by experts.

Priceless, but we will give you a price first of course!