So it's 3rd January, Christmas and New Year have come and gone, lovely time thanks for asking, and now we get stuck in, ready to go back to work, let's go for it

But it's not quite the same this year.

The sales and installs we've planned are all on hold pending our folks on the hill deciding how long this lockdown goes on.

Karen starts tomorrow with a Vat return while I have orders to ship out, a proposal to finish and then chase up progress on ongoing projects.

During November and December business has been good to us, thank you again, and we have been too busy to sell on trade-ins.

So when Ross and Sam return even more refreshed on the 11th they have trade-ins a plenty to check out, listen to, clean and value.

That's many hours work when you have various Rega turntables, 2 Linn Sondeks, a VPI, a Luxman and a couple of Pink Triangles to work through! And that's only the turntables, there are also amplifiers, speakers and even tuners!

If you want to treat yourself to a bargain upgrade check out the Catalogue tab above followed by Used, Pre loved, Preowned, but wait until later in January, from about 15th on.

After that the guys have more to do in the shop before we re-open. I have purchased a very special music collection running to thousands of cds and vinyl records. These have been collated over many years and are mostly classical with some jazz and blues. While used Classical music usually doesn't sell, this collection has all been chosen as the best performances and recordings from Gramophone magazine over the past 30+ years and is in pristine condition. It is full of gems that can be treasured additions to any collection. We not only have to sort them we also need to work out some shelving/display for them

Someday when we are back open call in for a browse and pick up a bargain be it music or gear.

Happy New Year everyone, here 's hoping for great things in 2021