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New Linn Akudorik Exakt



The Linn Exakt range has a new addition. With each new development Exakt technology becomes more affordable and now it also applies to older Linn speakers. There is a new Akurate DSM Exact without the analogue outputs. This connects to your network for DS music, has all the usual inputs, but uniquely outputs in Exakt digital format to an Akurate Exakt tunebox which is a digital dom ain Active crossover, and then digital to analogue converters to go the power amps and the speakers. The digital crossover is tuned to the specific Linn speaker you have, and also features room correction for exact matching to your acoustics. Further details about the Exakt advantage are in previous blogs and also at http://www.linn.co.uk/systems/technology/exakt

In addition there is a new Linn speaker, the bookshelf Akudorik, a development of the Akurate 212. The Akudoriks are £ 4000 per pair, but the really clever part is in the new stands.  


That's why the stands are £ 9500 per pair! 

If you think that's a lot for stands, which it is, they house the Exakt digital crossovers and 4 by 100w power amps in each stand, so that's why! And if you add up the full Akurate/Akudorik system you get £ 17500. While that is a lot for smallish speakers the Exakt technology makes the speakers sound much larger and the room correction gives great bass in any room. 

Buying the parts in separate boxes would cost £9000 and look messy with lots of boxes and wires. This is an elegant solution that really works. One small cable from the Akurate DSM preamplifier to each speaker and you are sorted.

Exakt crossover settings are now available for all previous Linn speakers so Keltik, Isobarik, Ninka, Espek, 5140, Kan, Keilidh, Kaber etc can all benefit from Exakt technology.

Following this Linn will also apply Exakt technology to other speakers so you will soon be able to upgrade B&W 800 series with Exact.


Rega Elex review

We review ed it first here, see previous Blog, now What Hifi have followed with a glowing 5 STAR write up.

They loved the sound, build quality and the price. Looking hard for any niggle they could only say that the 'handset could be classier'. Must have been a struggle to find that!

What Hifi name checked the main opposition as Naim, Cyrus, and Roksan, saying that the Rega has enough talent to shine even against such formidable companies. I think it's better too!

rega elex

The more I listen to it the more I love it. Amplifiers tend to sell well at £ 5-600 and then much less above that. The Elex could change all that, it's really worth £ 898

Heos is here

Since the trade announcement of Denon's new system 6 months ago we have been excited by the prospects. Now that we have got our hands on them in our own environment we're even more impressed! It is easy to set up, simple to use, and sounds great. Music from Spotify/Napster, from your computer/phone/tablet, and from internet radio are all supported. Add-ons to turn any hifi system into a streaming system and to build a full multi-room system will follow shortly. Other products planned for next year, which we aren't allowed to talk about yet, will make this the most flexible and comprehensive streaming system available.

heos5 So why are we excited? Most of our top systems are now using streaming from a NAS drive as the best source but can fall down on the flexibility to control more sources and connections. Ironically cheaper options that we recommend are more comprehensive in functions but don't compete on sound performance. Most people's reaction is that they wouldn't hear the difference, but that is dead wrong! It's obvious.

Where Heos scores is that it can do ever ything functionally, almost more than anything, and it also sounds better than anything at the price. It's not a Linn DS, it doesn't sound close to that, but for many people it will be the best solution and that's what we love, great performance, simple solutions. Hifi has come a long way, you can have a brilliant system without any pain.

Call in for a listen and see how easy it can be. 

To make this even more of a no-brainer Denon have three offers under the title '90 Days to be Amazed'.

1 Nervous about streaming? 90 day money back guarantee if not amazed.

2 Might want more rooms? 20% discount on your second Heos purchase from Lyric Hifi within 90 days

3 Not used online music before? Free Spotify Premium for 60 Days

Denon really are pushing the boat out to show you how confident they are!

For full t&c on these offers follow this link:90 Days Offers


Shown above is the £ 349 Heos 5, which I think will be the most popular model at Lyric, although for another £ 150 you might spring for the Heos 7?

U2s new album

Bit of a furore over this one:

How dare Apple give me an album I don't want, for free!

Yes Apple are giving away 500 million copies of the new U2 album 'Songs of Innocence' free to celebrate the iPhone6 launch.

This makes it the most owned album ever, great PR if it wasn't for all the people complaining that this is foisted on them, and the social media sites explaining how to delete it.

C'mon guys, U2 aren't that bad!

 As if the music business weren't already skilled at how to devalue their own product I thought that this was a new low

Work for a year on an album and then give it away?

They must hope to get it all back on merchandising on the next world tour, and probably will.

 There is another angle. Are U2 relevant anymore?

Would I rush out to buy this the way I did with The Joshua Tree and will I hear it on the radio?

No to both.

 Radio no longer has shows that promote this middle-aged music

It's either new young music or classic tracks, you will hear 'Pride, in the name of love' and 'Beautiful Day' many times more than anything new.

So maybe this is the logical progression for older bands to get their music heard, it's all virtually free on Napster and Spotify anyway so why not just give it away?

 This works for the super-rich bands on the gravy train tours but makes life difficult for other musicians, who really have to work for a living

At least the album is actually pretty good, and U2 fans will still buy it to own it, itunes is only renting it anyway!