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Headphones for Summer?

Just spent an enjoyable hour playing about with the latest Denon headphones.

While Denon have a huge range I'm particularly interested in good ones and have found 3 that I can heartily recommend.

First up I tried the new small on-ear models the AH MM200. These are part of the Music Maniac range and they look cute and sound great.

The Denon range is easy to drive so all three models will match virtually anything from a phone to a headphone amplifier.


Although the white version looks well they are also made in black, these will do really well for £ 199

Next up came the MM300s, similar finish with larger drivers and an extra £ 50.

While these added bass I thought they weren't a huge improvement on the littler ones.

IMHO save the £ 50, unless..... you want better and then check out the MM400!

Denon AH-MM400-lying

Was I just fooled by the cool walnut surround? No, these actually sound much much better again. Extremely comfortable too and well worth the extra £ 100 at £ 349

The technology used in these is the same as the flagship 7000 series at £999, makes your £ 349 a bargain!

A newish area of headphones becoming more and more popular is bluetooth.

Lying on the beach you can listen to music from your phone without having a wire connection.

Keep the phone in your bag/pocket and listen away

Denon have a great solution for this in the new £ 249 AHCG20 Music Maniac bluetooth AND noise cancelling headphones

Denon AH-GC20-connectivity L

Perfect for the plane journey as well as the beach these are moving head-on into Bose territory and succeeding!

These are an over-ear design that I found really comfortable and I really fancy a pair for France this summer


loewe connect


Anyone who has asked me questions about tvs recently may have picked up on my frustrations.

Possibly as I'm not shy about voicing them!

I like the Panasonics and Sonys but try keeping up with the models, it's a full time job.

They change 3 times a year and just when you find a particular model that's great, it's gone.

For many years we majored on Loewe and Pioneer, but Pioneer tvs are no more and Loewe as a specialist manufacturer have found it difficult to keep ahead of the pace of progress in panels.

This may have changed

Loewe have new owners, still German, they didnt sell out to the Chinese, and are making all the right noises about build quality, picture and sound performance, and even price.

All new tvs will be the latest 4k Ultra High Definition and all tvs will be made in Germany.

A word about 4k, there is no content yet however even on 'old' high def standards from Sky and Blu ray the picture of the new Loewe models is clearly superior.

The first new range from Loewe is called ART, featuring a 40", 55", and soon a 48" These are so good that we have decided to stock and promote them, tvs are back at Lyric!

Loewe sets have always sounded good too and the new ARTs have followed on with this.

Most simply the speakers are at the front and point towards you! Wow, who would have guessed that made a difference?

They also use proper amplifiers and speaker units so you can actually make out the words, amazing, a tv which allows you to make out what actors say.

Other features include a properly weighted remote and a much faster response time changing channels.

These are also really competitively priced. A 40" 4k set that looks gorgeous and has great picture and sound for £ 1399, a 55" for £ 2199.

Call in and check these out for yourself, the 40" is now in-store, the 55 will be later in April

New higher level ranges called CONNECT and REFERENCE will follow at higher prices, for now I'm just delighted to have a tv range that can be whole-heartily recommended

And we have our enthusiasm for superior televisions back, for a while there I thought tvs were turning into microwaves

And I still call them televisions, that's what they are


New Sony 4K Projector

We love the new Sony 4K projectors, bright picture, lots of contrast, and the pixel count is just enormous

Even close up the picture is really cinematic, even on Sky HD.

The only drawback was price and we are now solving that too

The latest VPL300 ES is just £ 5849

Now this is still a lot but this projector has redefined the performance available at this price.

Nothing comes close. Period!

sony 300

We installed a VPL 300 recently in a great system.

The room had previously been used with a large plasma screen but fitting a Draper fixed screen with a ceiling mounted vpl 300 gave a great picture and an amazing experience. 

Even from a close viewing position the extra resolution of the Sony means that there was no 'chicken wire effect' where you can see individual pixels.

The front 3 speakers are superb monitor performance from small acbinets by Wilson Audio, and to carry out the sound and picture processing at the highest level we installed an Anthem amplifier.

The over all effect is truly cinematic, and that's the point.

Big screens are great, and cheaper than ever, but even a 65" 4K Panasonic, great though it is, it's not a cinema.

That doesnt mean that it's right for you or your room, but if you actually want to recreate that lights out, fill your field of view, cinema experience then a projector is the only way to do it.

Interested ins eeing if a cinema could work in your home?

Give us a call, a site visit will easily tell you what is possible.

Space Optimisation by Linn

This is a Major Improvement!

Those of you who kept up with Linn's progress on Exakt technology will know that this features precise digital domain control of each speaker drive unit and it's interaction with the room

The part of this that Linn refer to as 'Space Optimisation' is now available on ALL Linn DS players.

It is restricted though to optimising for Linn speakers and a small list of speakers from Kef and B&W. This list will grow as Linn have demand from clients to 'map' the precise frequency response of other manufacturers speakers.

In practical terms you tell the DS which speaker you are using and the size of your room. Then the listening commences. Find the position where your speakers sound best and input this to the DS. This can take a while! Then input the position where you want your speakers to be and the DS calculates the correct frequency curve for that position in the room.

Three parts are happening, you are compensating for fine anomalies in the response of your speakers, optimising the speaker performance for the room, and then freeing your speaker from the limitations of speaker placement.

The improvement in clarity is stunning, and any bass 'bumps' in the response are completely sorted.

We are going to offer a service to do this for you at a fixed price of £ 150, or any DS owner can go ahead and play with it yourself as long as your speakers are on the list.

Drop me a line with any questions

Linn Saturdays

This Saturday 7th February and in 2 weeks time 21st February we will be running Linn Open Days from 11-3pm

We will have 3 different Linn systems running for you to have a play with using your favourite music. This will be provided by Tidal, a new music streaming service with a twist, it is full cd quality and sounds really good!

Not sure about streaming? These Open Days offer the perfect opportunity to talk about streaming in your home and to use one to see for yourself how easy it is to use. Linn systems can also form a multi-room music system for all the family to enjoy.

System One features the Linn SMDS with a pr of Kef LS50s for a modest £ 1799 this system easily outperforms many more conventional systems.

kef ls50

Stepping up from this we move to the Linn Majik range. In this case a single box streamer and amplifier which can also provide a fantastic sound from other sources such as tv, blu ray or a turntable.

This heart of any system works with a wide range of speakers of different sizes and is also expandable and upgradeable. This will be partnered with Linn's compact Majik speakers for a system at £4000 complete. Majik level systems run from £3500 to £ 9000

linn majik dsmlinn majik dsm2

The Linn range then takes a leap in performance and price to Akurate level at £ 12,000, although the system we will be featuring will be £ 17,000

It is a normal reaction to say 'I couldn't hear the difference', well here is your opportunity!

I meet people who don't want to hear a difference because of the budget but I have never met anyone who couldn't actually hear the difference!

It is very obvious, it's just a lot of money.

linn akubarik room

linn akurate

So this is an opportunity to explore how good a system can be and what you need to have a great sound at home.

You are welcome to come along for a listen on either date and enjoy some great music.