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Stereo to Surround, Why? How? How Much?

Turning your stereo system into surround isnt always as easy as you think.

There you are with an Arcam or Linn stereo amp and 2 good speakers and all you need to do is change your amp and add some more speakers. Right? 

While you are right, it is that simple, often people dont understand that doing that while retaining or improving  the quality you are used to isn't at all simple. 

Here are some examples of surround systems with 'proper speakers' that also sound great for music

Don't forget though that there are also really great stereo systems that can route your video HDMI signals and sound brilliant through just 2 speakers. Currently my cinema at home is running a Linn Akurate system in stereo, no centre, no sub, no rears, but awesome sound!


So what are the solutions?

Depends where you are, what you have, and the budget. 

To start a new system here are some options for you, £2000-3000


We loved the Marantz NR 1604/5/6, and the new NR1607 is even better, it is brilliant value.

We use it with satellite, bookshelf and floorstanding speakers and it sounds really really good

Match with a Kef package bookshelf fronts Q300/Q200/Q100/Q400, or floorstanding fronts, Q500, and there is an offer for the full Kef package

Also works well with a Rega set-up featuring Rega RS3/Centre with a range of small rears/subs for a very neat compact solution
Performance can also be enhanced by going to the Sr5008/6008 amplifiers

Marantz NR 1607, Kef Q300,Q200,Q100,Q400 £ 2259 for £ 1999


Marantz SR6010, Kef Q500, Q200, Q800DS, Q400, £ 2929 for £ 2599


Going further? £ 3000-7000  

Move up to the next level with a specialist amplifier such as the marvellous Anthem range and the whole system becomes clearer, punchier, and also better for music.

Speakers should also be upgraded, the Kef R series are a wonderful match for better amplifiers


Anthem MRX 320, Kef T305 , £ 3299 for £ 2999

Anthem MRX 320, Kef R500, R200, T101, T Sub, £ 4550 for £ 3999

Arcam AVR550 Kef R500, R200, R800DS , R400, £ 6550 for £ 5750

Arcam AVR550, Kef R700, R200, R800DS, R400, £ 7049 for £6250


Going even further?  Ring for a chat